Sunday, September 30, 2018

Cat Theme still happening in my life-Synchronicity with 624 and my son while uploading Cat Video

Finally have time to write this from the other day....
I was holding my son while my girlfriend was outside smoking. I was trying to listen to the video I made about the CAT Theme before I posted it on Youtube to make sure there weren't any big errors in it.
Anyway my girlfriend came back in and I paused the video to hand Zamien over to her. He didn't want to go to her so I held him a while longer, but finally was like I have to take a shower before I go to work. So I came back to the video as I was going to finish listening while in the shower and I notice that I paused the video at 6:24 haha. 
In this video I talked about 624 like crazy and the connections to my son with it. 

Also yesterday when I got off work I came home to Claire's face painted like a CAT. She went to Applefest in Woodbine and they had a booth or something that painted faces. Apparently she wanted to be a CAT. Remember how I documented with the  David Katz/Jacksonville thing that Claire always pretends to be a JAGUAR and climbs on the top of the couches and what not too. A while back too Claire was obsessed with watching Cats and Cucumbers on Youtube. It's videos of people scaring cats with Cucumbers. I even bought some cucumbers so we could try it on our cats, but it didn't work like the videos.  

My cousin Timmy's(Clancy's son) wife Alisha also text me the other day about reading my blog post about Cats. She thought it was funny because they just got rid of their Cat. 

Also I have not been out to the bar or really any other place in town for a while now. Last night my boss called me and told me to come up to the golf course club house as they were drinking up there. Jasmine wasn't working so I was able to go. I just think it's funny cause when I got there they had all left to the bar, but it was the first time I saw my cousin Katie in a while who loves Cats. One of the other guys at the club house even said something about Cats in the half hour I was there. 

What else I find interesting is a while back before noticing a CAT theme I was thinking how Dog is God backwards. Sirius the Dogstar and important to spiritual ascension. Then I started thinking how everything we are trained to believe is like a half truth and maybe I should be nicer to my cats as they might be important to really understanding the whole truth. I hope that makes sense. Cats are seemingly programmed in peoples heads as Woman's best friend and Dogs as Man's best friend. 

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