Monday, September 24, 2018

Jimmy Garoppolo injures his KNEE on 23/9 against the Chiefs-CJ Beathard's QB Controversy at Iowa-Alex Smith

They take Jimmy Garoppolo's KNEE on 23/9? 
How ridiculous...
Kaepernick the 49er takes a Knee to start the controversy on the 239th day of the year. 

Garoppolo injures his knee against the Chiefs of all teams as well. 
Kaepernick loses the Super Bowl to Baltimore because they threw the ball 3 times on their final drive that began with 2:39 on the clock. Then Alex Smith the backup QB gets traded to the Chiefs. 

It's also no coincidence that Jim Harbaugh's Michigan team beat Nebraska this week....Harbaugh the coach of the 49ers when Kaepernick lost to Baltimore....
Nebraska plays in the Sea of Red...
Chiefs play in the Sea of Red....
Moses in the Tribe of LEVI..
49ers play in LEVI'S Stadium. 

There has always been a riddle with the 49ers and the Chiefs. Remember Joe Montana the famous 49er also went to the Chiefs later in his career. 
Lawrence Phillips the former Nebraska Cornhusker is the reason Steve Young had to retire too...
I talked about all of this in 2015/'s why Nebraska got to play in the Foster Farms bowl at Levi's Stadium with a 5-7 record on the season. 
Remember the 49ers won the SB in their 49th season(94' season) scoring 49 points. Steve Young the QB was the lead rusher of the game with 49 yards. 

I also knew there was something that would be connected to the Iowa Hawkeyes with the recent "murders" of Celia and 49ers starting QB is former Iowa Hawkeye C.J. Beathard. 
Casey Beathard=239(How fitting). 
Also think about the QB Controversy with Beathard and Jake Rudock in 2014. Then Rudock left for his senior season to be the starter with Jim Harbaugh and Michigan....This was also Brandon Scherff's senior season at Iowa....Think about how Scherff plays for the Redskins who now have Alex Smith too. 
Also don't forget that CJ Beathard's dad is a famous song writer for Country Musicians such as Eric Church etc....Also his grandpa Bobby Beathard was a former GM of the Washington Redskins and also worked with the Dolphins when they won SB 7 over the Redskins. He also won with the Redskins when the Dolphins in SB 17. I only know this because I talked about it in 2015. 
Iowa vs Michigan State Freemasonry-CJ Beathard Video

Also remember the Washington Redskins were originally called the Boston Braves which ties into the Indians and the stuff I've been saying in regards to the World Series. Plus in 2016 I was documenting very similar things in regards to the native american theme when I was talking about the Indians being in the World Series. The 114th WS...syncs with Kaepernick and the 49ers...

Would you believe that Bobby Beathard was also inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame on 8/4/2018 too? 

Plus Alex Smith got injured on 11/11 vs the Rams...Remember he is all about 11....wears # 11...had 11 int's his first season...played for the "Utes"=11 and won the Fiesta Bowl on 1/1 giving them an 11-0 record in 2005. Plus 2015 was the major year with 11 for him..."Chiefs"=31(rev red) and 31 is the 11th prime and more..
Alexander Douglas Smith=88=The Star Spangled Banner....
Herbert Hoover the only president from Iowa signed it into congress as official in the year 31'. He was the 31st president. 
Plus Hoover born the same day as Rocky Colavito. 

In the Game Smith Got Injured Kaepernick came in and it ended up in a 24-24 TIE as well. 
San Francisco Forty Niners=114
Colin Rand Kaepernick=114

Just bringing this up because now the CHIEFS/RAMS and Dolphins are the only 3-0 teams....The Dolphins super connected to the Nebraska Cornhuskers...also Suh going to the RAMS.....Moses bringing in the Age of Aries(The Ram). (Incognito Bullying and more). 

Joe Montana's first wife was also named Kim MOSES. 
Don't forget Dwight Clark dying in Montana this year too on the same day Trump canceled the Eagles visit to the White House over the kneeling stuff. 
Golden Gate=239

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