Sunday, September 30, 2018

Synchronicity with Family Guy and Drowning just after I read an old post about Drowning-Youtube Comment on Drowning Video

Earlier today I was looking back at an old blog post because I talked about Jeff Young calling people CATS. It just so happened to be a post that involved the Drowning Symbolism and 624. Remember the Drowning stuff was important to my Dad and my Son. 
After re-reading the post about Drowning I left and got Casey's Pizza in Woodbine. I came back and fed Zamien some Pizza and put him on the floor. Then out of nowhere Jasmine says "You're Drowning your son"...I asked her, "What"? I thought she was talking to me, but she was actually talking to the TV as Peter was Drowning Stewie on the episode that was on...haha it's just hilarious to me as it fit with exactly what I had just looked at again with Drowning and the connections to my Dad/Son. Then my dad came over a little bit later as he was working on my car and wanted me to drive it. There was something wrong with the Tire again, or actually it was something like the CV Joint and a Rock he said. 

Today Zamien is 256 days old too. The Drowning post before I mentioned him and the connection to the Indians. 
Curse of Rocky Colavito=256
Today also 624 days after my Uncle Barney died in connection to the Cubs. 
Right as I start making this blog post I get a notification of someone saying "Disinformation" on one of my videos. What are the odds it's the video about the DROWNING symbolism? 

Thank you JB aka Mr. Pizza for your analysis of my video. I mean how can it be disinformation when you can look up everything I talked about and verify for yourself? 
Remember 166 super important to my Uncle Barney. 

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