Tuesday, September 18, 2018

ISU Golfer Celia Barquin murdered on Golf Course-Synchronicity with the Cleveland Show

Right away I see a lot of 22 in this story. 
She was 22 years old murdered by a 22 year old. 
Found in a "Pond"=22
Golf=22 and 83(Jewish)
22nd prime is 79. 
Murder=79 and 83(reverse)

She also just won the 22nd Big 12 Womens Golf Championship on the 22nd of April this year. 

She dies 2 months 12 days(end date) after her bday...
Celia Barquin=212(reverse)

They found her dead at Coldwater Golf Links. 
Coldwater Golf Links=100(rev red), 206
Celia Barquin Arozamena=206
Collin Daniel Richards=100

Haha as I'm writing up this blog post I was thinking how the other big story in Iowa this year was Mollie CECILIA Tibbets(Iowa Hawkeyes)...Now we are getting a story of CELIA(Iowa State)....2 Iowa Women plust Iowa State's first game this year was against Iowa due to cancellation....Anyway...Right as I started thinking about that I hear the TV say "CELIA".....
It was the Cleveland Show....they even run with the Celia joke throughout the rest of the episode. He calls out Celia's name and then says he can't remember the other girls name. Then just before the episode ends, Cleveland mentions Celia coming over again. 

The Celia stuff happened because Cleveland went to Miami University to tell his wife he wasn't listening to her and to hopefully bring her home. 
Think about it....The Miami HURRICANES.....Hurricane Florence going on...
Iowa State Cyclones.....A Hurricane is a Tropical CYCLONE. 

Earlier in the episode they do a joke with the song "Fuck You" by Cee Lo Green too....just thinking about how CEE LO has similar attributes to Cecila too...possibly nothing...
The song "Fuck You" even came out on the Album called "Lady Killer". 
Cee Lo=22
Cee Lo Green=53....he's from Atlanta where Super Bowl 53 is happening. 

The name Celia means "Heaven"....interesting as this is the 55th episode of the Cleveland Show. 

Interesting too how I just documented about the Muppets and when you got to Cee Lo's wikipage it only has 3 pictures and 1 of them is him with the Muppets....
Someone to watch out for....possibly a sacrifice for SB 53 or maybe he will sing the anthem or do halftime show? 
Also watch out for Danger Mouse(Brian Burton=53) as he got famous for mixing Jay Z's Black Album with the Beatles White Album which is important to Charles Manson and not standing during the national anthem. The White Album had the song "Blackbird" like the Atlanta Falcons....Manson said that song was telling black people to rise up. 

Another thing that is interesting about the Beatles White Album is that it was their 9th Album and the Blackbird is Track 11. (911)...The song Helter Skelter is on Side 3 as track 6, but you could also say it's like Track 23 on the 9th album. 

As I'm researching more about this girl the Cleveland Show is contiually playing on the TV. I randomly look up at the TV again and I hear "Women's Sports". Cleveland was listening to the Radio. This was on the 56th episode. 

Like a half hour later I again stop and look at the TV and now they are talking about a Golf Tournament...This is the 57th episode....What are the odds? 

I see the 2nd episode of this season is also called "The Hurricane" so interesting.. Which is Season 3 episode 2...
Ames, Iowa=32
Iowa State=32

Maybe I need to check out the 22nd episode or Season 2 episode 2? 

One last thought....
I've mentioned the "MOLLIE" symbolism and the connections to Mollie Tibbetts. 
Mollie=30, 33(rev red)
Celia=30, 33(rev red)
The 30th prime number is 113...
Iowa State=113
Remember the State of Iowa is really important this year in regards to the Stock Market symbolism/Kneeling. 
 Mollie's death was all about Freemasonry...
Celia born on the 187th day...
Mollie's death also about the "FLAG" symbolism....Brooklyn has all the Flags....thinking about Golf and each hole having a Flag as well.  Mollie Celia.....Maybe there is something important to the area of "Tibet"? The Buddhists monks? 

I'm also wondering if we are going to get a major Tornado like Joplin again. Remember in the syncs with Mollie It was showing me the MOORE Tornado in Oklahoma....interesting as Iowa State just played Oklahoma in football before this murder. That post also involved the chick from Mike and Molly who is in the Muppets film(Happytime Murders). 

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