Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dolores O'Riordan's death by DROWNING in a Bathtub-Hulk Hogan-Jerry Lawler-Synchronicity with American Dad

I forgot to document this story, but back in August we got a story of Trump drowning on Time Magazine...fitting for the Drowning theme I was talking about in July and August. 

On January 31st 2018 we also got the death by drowning of Don Lemon's sister. Think about how Trump just recently had a feud with Lebron James and Don Lemon too. 

Now we are getting a story that Dolores O'Riordan died from drowning in the bathtub....keep in mind she died in January and they are just now releasing this story. 

Remember Dolores O'riordan's death was synced to the Southwest Airline death of Jennifer Riordan who died the same day as Barbara Bush. 
Barbara died in Houston and then HW Bush was hospitalized in Houston. 
In regards to Bath Tub Drownings I can't help but think of Whitney Houston and her daughter who both died in the bathtub. 
Remember she died on Martin Luther King Jr day too. 
Martin Luther King Jr=93
Malcolm X=93
Think about all the Kneeling and Race Stuff that is continually in the news with Colin Kaepernick. 
Colin Rand the Nike story on 9/3. 
Dolores Oriordan=88=Kneel=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner=Great Garrison Flag=Mary Pickersgill and so on..

How fitting they wait to release this information on what would have been her 47th bday. 

Is it not interesting the other members in the Cranberries have the last names of "Lawler and Hogan"? Reminding us of Wrestling and the death of Jerry Lawler's son. 
Lawler....the KING...

Ha, right as I was looking back into Hulk Hogan I hear the TV say Brooke Hogan and then seconds later Hulk Hogan...
It's season 6 episode 14...although on Wikipedia it says season 7 episode 14? 
Cops and Roger is Season 6 episode 14 on Wikipedia...I'll have to watch that episode too just in case there might be something to it. 

The real episode "School Lies" came out on 4/3...
Hulk Hogan=43
HH=88....Herbert Hoover....88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash...

Remember Dolores' life and death were synced to the Jesuits as well. 
Trump went to a Jesuit university. 
Pope Francis the first Jesuit Pope. 
Death of Dolores O'Riordan-Jesuits
Southwest Airlines Engine Explodes-Jennifer Riordan


  1. Dan, JFK's nephew Actor CHRISTopher Kennedy LAWford(LAWler) died yesterday at the age of "63". He collapsed at a "Yoga Studio". He is the son of Actor Peter LAWford (Rat Pack/Ocean's 11).
    Burt Reynolds birthday 2/11/1936 (2/11, 211) has a sum of "63" and "211" is the "47th" prime.
    "February 11, 1936"=63(Full Red.) "63" or "3 Sixes"
    "Burton Reynolds"=666(Reverse Satanic)

  2. The article I read also said that there were "therapeutic" amounts of prescription drugs found on the scene. Remember how we were waiting to see if "Fentanyl" would be the cause?

  3. With all of the water symbolism this past couple of years it makes me think that there is a connection with Aquarius, The Water Bearer. The "Age of Aquarius" isn't far off. The church and baptism etc. Jesus' one year ministry story is based on the sun going through the zodiac. The John the Baptist story is when the son/sun was in Aquarius. Funny that the actual date the sun enters the Age of Aquarius seems to be a "mystery".