Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Conversations with my friends recently and synchronicity helping me with Blake Shelton riddle-National anthem-War of 1812-The Beatles

I forgot to document the other night about a few stories with my friends over the weekend. My best friend came out at 2:30am on Saturday after he left the bar. This was the night my arm was really infected and I was gone all day so I forgot about it. Anyway he is the friend I made a video for in regards to the the Packers making a comeback and shared it with him on twitter. He knows some of the UFC/MMA people as well, and was even on the UFC website for doing a Shoey with one of the fighters. He said a few of them watched my video and they liked it, but didn't want to share it in fear of twitter deleting them or something of the sort. 

Anyway that night he was telling me how he was watching the Browns vs Jets game and Baker Mayfield was on the phone and then not long after the call Tyrod Taylor got a concussion. He was like I can't believe you didn't watch the game and see that. I didn't even watch the game, let alone I not watched a full single game this season college or pro. 

So moral of the story, I think he is catching on yet he doesn't understand the numbers or I think just doesn't want to take the time to learn it. 

Also earlier that night(Friday) my friend Cody called me as he was hanging out with a friend in Omaha who said he predicted the Cavs comeback against Warriors using Gematria. I was at work and couldn't talk much more, but I was a little confused as I barely know anyone that knows Gematria from this area. I don't think the guy knows that much of it though as he said the number with the Cavs was "47" which I can't recall being important in that series...
The big number was "51"....possibly it was something to do with "Ohio"=47
I looked at his Facebook and he doesn't seem to share gematria, but he does share other things(9/11, Flat Earth) and never brings up the gematria, so I'm assuming he doesn't really know much about it. 

He wanted to tell me about the "Flat Earth" on the phone, but the phone rang at work and I had to go. I told him you can't prove it either way without your own spaceship, and it's also an obvious pysop. I mean Kyrie Irving and Washington Irving...

Sometimes I feel like I'm one of the most awake people in the world and I'm not trying to sound cocky by any means. I just see so many people talking about "conspiracy" things that I can see were obviously created on purpose. Even 9/11 was put in our faces to create the world that is today of all these "Conspiracies". I often wonder about Gematria as well as it seems they somewhat want us to know about it, yet they don't want us to understand how to USE it...it seems. 
Then again I never see hardly anyone talking about Gematria and I'm reminded of when Russell Blattberg blocked Sam and I on his Facebook page for sharing gematria yet anything else can go. 

It's why I document these synchronicities as well, because it is important to figuring out how to USE gematria....
They wouldn't make a film like The Number 23 if they didn't want us to somewhat know about it. 
The reason I bring Cody up is that he stopped over on Sunday before he went back to Omaha. At some point in the conversation he was talking about country music. He was saying his son should just be a country singer when he grows up, because you can write the dumbest lyrics ever and make it a number 1 single. Then he brought up BLAKE SHELTON and a lyric "Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Spit".....All I could think about was how I just documented about Black Shelton and I said I didn't know much about him...so I learned something about him that day which I thought was funny..I guess it's the song "Boys Round Here". 

Wouldn't you know too.....the song Boys round Here starts off with a lyric about the BEATLES. 
Now think about all of that in regards to what I documented with the National Anthem/Charles Manson/Helter Skelter/The Beatles....

Boys Round Here=169 and 624(satanic)

It's also interesting the song came out 13 days after Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13...
Also 3/26 was the big Gabriel number I was talking about and remember my cat "Cuddles"=326. 

Also notice Black Shelton born on 6/18 just like Paul McCartney who wrote Helter Skelter and Blackbird. 
Also 6/18 is the day the War of 1812 began. 
McCartney born in 42' and Shelton is currently 42. 
They were born 34 years apart. 

Shelton also sang America the Beautiful with Miranda Lambert before Super Bowl 46 which is the SB Ceelo Green performed the halftime show at with Madonna. 

America the Beautiful is like the alternative to the Star Spangled Banner. 
Notice it was written by Katharine Bates. 
Katharine Bates=53, 134, 624(satanic)

Off to work! Yay!

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  1. I tell everyone, "There are only half truths" because it seems to me, that the full truth is created on an individual level. I believe our purpose is to create. Just like our "creator". Maybe our individual creations are why we are here. You're designed to "create" this, and I'm designed to "create" that, and so on.... Gematria seems to be the key to seeing these "genetic assignments". Maybe not, but thats one way I choose to look at it.

    Some people seem to have the ability, and the drive to be the creators, while others squander their purpose and remain part of a stagnant mass. Maybe they're suppose to be that way? Who knows.... Like I said, it's all a half truth.

    I have to add more, because when I opened my browser, I went straight to your blog, and audio started playing. I had no other windows open for anything, and this ad for the TV show "Single Parents" was playing in the background. I've never heard of it, so I looked it up. The only thing I noticed, was that Brad Garret is in it. I was just talking to my dad about him the other day because I just learned that he's the voice of "Fatso" on Casper. Maybe that's a new theme? We'll see....

    Let's do another Live Stream soon.

    Shalom Aleichem