Thursday, September 13, 2018

Black Tom explosion and Girl at work asking me a random question about Islands and the Statue of Liberty

A girl that I sort of know came in the store today and asked me some questions about the Statue of Liberty. It was really random, but she asked me if I knew what Island the Statue of Liberty was on. I honestly couldn't think of the island even though I should know. She then told me she always thought it was Ellis Island, but it's Liberty Island.. She then told me how the Statue of Liberty also got bombed in 1916. 
I figured I'd look it up when I got home and now making a post. 

Black Tom=49(rev red), 139(reverse)
Jersey City=49,  139

It happened 90 days before the anniversary of the Statue of Liberty being dedicated on 10/28/1886. 
Statue of Liberty=90

Funny how Wiki mentions that the explosion was like an Earthquake and it stopped the New Jersey Journal Clock Tower Clock at 2:12am.....This happened on the 212th day of 1916. 

Something interesting I found just by thinking about this random post. 
Wendy Williams=624(satanic)...remember she collapsed as the Statue of Liberty..
The statue of Liberty was dedicated by Grover Cleveland who died on 6/24...
Think about all the 624 in regards to the Indians...

It also happened 102 years ago...
The Statue of Liberty=102(rev red0
Island Theme Blog Post
The randomness of this girl coming in and bringing up "Islands" makes me think it's probably showing me something with a post from a month ago in regards to an Island theme. I even mentioned the statue of liberty in the post. Something to watch out for in the media is a story involving an Island...Japan? Hawaii? or maybe some other island...
In regards to it being the Black TOM island it makes me think of my Cuban friend Tom....Cuba also an Island....

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