Sunday, September 16, 2018

Alan Jackson/Twin Towers on South Park this morning when I first turned on the TV-9/11-Jacobs Ladder

I have been really busy lately and haven't made very many blog posts. Still there are very interesting things that happen on a daily basis such as this....The last blog post I did was a random post about the death of Alan Jackson's son in law. No idea why I chose to document about that story over many others that were in the media the other just for some reason drew me in. I think partially because I remember seeing a story about George Strait's Drummer dying recently too....He had the last name "Kennedy" which has been important this year. 

Anyway last night my band played a gig in Dow City, Iowa so my girlfriend was able to come. She did way too many shots and I knew she was going to be hungover so I slept on the chair downstairs in case Zamien woke up. I turned on South Park on Hulu before going to bed and later I woke up and just turned the TV off and let Hulu continue to play. 
So Zamien wakes up this morning and I get him and just turn the tv back on as South Park was still playing. 
Of course the first thing I see is Alan Jackson...
Is it not interesting they mention Alan Jackson's tribute song to 9/11 as well? Think about how much I have mentioned the 9/11 symbolism this year too.

It's also interesting that the episode is season 6 episode 12. 
612 has been super important as well...
think about how its HW's bday too.
Also Revelation 6:12 about the great earthquake sticks out to me as Alan Jackson's bday is the same day as the Loma Prieta Earthquake. 
Eminem's bday is also that day and he's been a pretty popular topic lately as well. 

I'm also wondering about the name JACKSON in general...possibly it has something to do with Andrew Jackson and Jacksonville? 

Also the episode is a tribute to Jacob's Ladder...
Ladder to Heaven=624(satanic)
Jacob=624(rev sum)
Twin Towers=624(rev sum)

Also it makes me think about the Masonic ladder which I believe is a representation of Jacob's Ladder. Think about how in Genesis 32:30 Jacob says he saw God Face to Face at a place called "Peniel" which many say is actually a reference to the "Pineal" gland. 
Remember it's all about spiritual ascension to Sirius which is a Twin/Binary Star..
Think about how Modern Freemasonry was established on 6/24 as well...

The song South Park is making fun of is "Where were You(when the world stopped turning). It's from Alan Jackson's 10th studio album....

Also interesting that Jacob's ladder is somewhat of a "Bridge" between heaven and earth....
Ladder=44 and 114(Jewish)

Plus the 1989 World Series was the 86th world series...just thinking about all the connections to the date of 8/6 and 86 a while back with the Cubs and Indians...Alex Jones..Pink and more...

Alan Eugene Jackson=94
Jacob's Ladder=94
World Trade Center=94
The 624 stuff special to the Indians...
Rocky Colavito=Detroit Tigers=624
Cleveland Indians=94
Curse of Rocky Colavito=94

I also wonder if it's something to do with the name Alan/Allen...I just mentioned this again in regards to Tim Allen too. 

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  1. Allen is interesting. I've really been into GG Allin lately. I just got one of his cd's yesterday. I've also been seeing random Andrew Jackson things lately. Like on YouTube. Andrew Jackson videos randomly pop up, which is weird because I've never looked him up before.