Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Death of Larry Flynt in relation to my old blog posts about Hustler and my uncle Eddie Murphy


Right after I made the post about Larry Johnson earlier I got a notification about Larry Flynt dying age 78. 

Recall Larry Flynt was shot and paralyzed in the year 78' too. 

Notice the story about pornstar Stormy Daniels just below his death too. 

Stormy Daniels=78


It makes sense to associate this with the word Jesuit because Hugh Hefner died on the Jesuit anniversary. Recall the year Hugh Hefner died I talked all about the Jesuits and how I thought Larry Flynt would died and then Hugh Hefner died instead. 

Larry Flynt=56

It's also interesting that today is the 41st day of the year and Stormy Daniels is currently 41 years old. Recall that my Uncle Ed Murphy won a contestant from Hustler magazine and went to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch owned by Dennis Hof...the guy who owned the Love Ranch where Lamar Odom almost died. I'm mentioning this because Odom is also 41 years old....thinking about Kobe Bryant and 41. 

Lamar Joseph Odom=78

My uncle Ed...who I always have called "Eddie/Eddy" was in the August 2011 issue of Hustler with Cami Parker. 


Hustler Magazine=179(The 41st prime)

It's also interesting that today is a span of 168 days after my uncles bday. 

Edward Murphy=168

It's also interesting to me that Lamar Odom and my Uncle's bdays are 2 months 10 days is 2/10. I've talked these guys being connected in previous blog posts too. I also mentioned how my Uncle's bday is the same day Haile Selassie died and so on. 

Recall Kobe Bryant died 210 days before his bday too. 

It's also interesting that today is 3 months 4 days or 96 days after Lamar's 41st bday. 

Recall that the biggest number I talked about with Kobe was 34. 

I also find it interesting that Larry Flynt died 264 days before his bday. I've mentioned a ton about this number since around his bday. 


Larry Flynt=171(FB)


  1. Same day Larry Johnson video is re uploaded too. Lol

  2. Zachary K Hubbard is Biff Tannen cause he's a ringer on the sports picks and Biff Tannen is Larry Flynt and Donald Trump. I mean those 3 are all the same character just on appearance.

  3. Probably something going down with Courtney Love or Woody Harrelson soon