Friday, February 26, 2021

Lady Gaga's dog walker attacked on the 55th day of 2021


What's the riddle with this story of Lady Gaga's dog walker being shot along with her dogs being stolen? 
This happened on the 55th day of 2021. 

Lady Gaga did do the SB 51 halftime show that was all about the Jesuit black...Atlantis/Atlanta...RA/Falcon...

This story came a span of 33 days before Lady Gaga's 35th bday...
dog walker=42
It is interesting that her new album "Chromatica" is themed with cyber punk though..something I've mentioned recently...
A single on the album is "911"...also has a song called "Sine from Above"...I actually talked about the relationship between the words "Sign and Sine" before as well. 

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