Friday, February 19, 2021

Mars rover Perseverance the big news story on 2/18-Moon

So yesterday was really connected to the Moon as I had thought...the Mars Rover Perseverance landed on Mars the same day that Mars was in conjunction with the moon..
The moon landing on 201st day..yada yada yada

Mars is the God of War...
War=21 and 83(FB)
Moon=21 and 83(FB)
We are currently in the year 21'. 
Two Hundred Eighteen=83

I also find it interesting that this happens just after Lupercalia/Valentines Day....Mars is the father of Romulus and Remus and also the father of Cupid. 
This rover launced during Tisha B'Av in 2020 too. 

I also got this message from Zenith that I didn't realize....the message is ghosted on my actual video of this his other account too? or I'm confused why 2 people left almost the exact same message to me? 
The Rover was launched 666 days after the presidential alert at 2:18 on 10/3/2018....
National Aeronautics and Space Administration=666
I pointed out 2/18 was 6 month 28 days after Zach's bday...and 6/28 is Elon Musk's bday and a number important to Zach and Elon and so on...
I didn't realize that 2/18 was 2 months 18 days before the anniversary of SpaceX though. 



  1. Twas I who tipped Zach off on the Mars-Moon conjunction. I've been telling him for years to download stellarium. But yea he edited that post after I left a comment about it. Zenith also pointed out how it was the 91st anniversary of Pluto's discovery date. There was a Pluto Saturn conjunction last year on 1/12 which us Rush Limbaugh and Jeff Bezos bday. Bezos regained the richest man crown the day Bezos died. Pluto co rules Scorpio with Mars. Scorpio is Biden's sign. Moon Pluto & Saturn all sum to 21. I've been saying there has to be something go down this year in connection to the Las Vegas shooting Route 91. Jason Aldean with the Jack and Ace of Spades tattoo. Black Jack (21). LV is 55 as Zach is always pointing out. Las Vegas. Also a huge year for fibonacci. Derek adds the fibonacci cipher on the 1st day of '21 the 8th fibonacci. Super Bowl 55 the 10th fib. Annular eclipse on 6/10. 610 the 14th fibonacci. Brady will be 16018 days old that day. Phi is 1.618. There's more examples of course. Moon Pluto and Saturn all get death associations. And with the Thursday Jupiter thing..... 2/18 is the first day of Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter. Also keep in mind that Route 91 shooting took place on the 59th anniversary of Nasa's founding date. 2-18-2021 was exactly 59 lunar years after the JFK assassination. Remember the shooter's brother references an asteroid as well as the planet Mars. See my post:

    He says "Mars fell into Earth" and "It was like an asteroid fell out of the sky". Of course you're Scorpio so Mars is very relevant to you.

  2. Bezos regained the richest man crown the day Limbaugh died***

  3. 2/18/2021 was exactly 1018 lunar months after Orson Welles performed War of the Worlds on 10/30/1938. In War of the Worlds we are invaded by Martians who eventually died of pathogens/disease/viruses.... World Military games in Wuhan same day as event 201 on 10/18/2019. Mars = 201

  4. But with Orson Welles' radio broadcast think about how we've had these radio related deaths with Larry King and Rush Limbaugh. Remember the Arecibo Radio Satellite was shut down on Larry King's bday. Cell Phones operate off of radio waves.

  5. Perseverance is mentioned once in the bible in Ephesians 6:18. Ephesus is also the first of the seven churches mentioned in Revelation. Ephesus is the location of one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world the Temple of Artemis. Artemis the Moon/Hunter goddess... the Artemis space program is up and coming. Ephesus is listed as a World Heritage Site reference number 1018