Friday, February 19, 2021

YouTube putting a QAnon label on my recent videos


It's funny as I've recently noticed that YouTube has tagged 2 of my videos with a message about QAnon...I don't even talk about QAnon or anything in the videos so it makes no sense. The video I uploaded a few minutes ago had the tag from the second I posted there is no way they even know what I talked about in the video to mark it with QAnon lol. 
It's interesting it's a video where I talk a lot about 218 though and then a video I put on YouTube on 2/18..even though I started it on 2/17. 
QAnon=146(FB) and 120(FB)
Makes me think of..
Illuminati=146(FB) and 120
Q=19(FB) and 33(FB)
I've talked a lot about the number 19 in relation to AI..Allen Iverson..hmmm.

Q=10, 17..
God=10, 17, 61(Jewish)

Have to think more about this as I'm sure there is a reason they have done this to these 2 videos. 

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  1. They've been doing it to several channels who do gematria related videos. Derek and Seven7One1 I know for sure have received the Qanon tag as well.