Thursday, February 11, 2021

Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast calls out Joss Whedon on his Toxic Behavior-A.I.-Cyborgs-Cyberpunk-2021

I just documented that Buffy The Vampire Slayer was important to the narrative with Corey Feldman accusing Marilyn Manson of abuse....Now we get a story about the cast of Buffy saying that Joss Whedon had Toxic Behavior? 

This story comes 134 days before Joss Whedon's bday and is because of the allegations by Ray Fisher. 
Ray Fisher=134
Today is also 2/10 and 210 days before Ray Fisher's bday. 

In regards to A.I. notice Ray Fisher is known for portraying "Cyborg"..a transhuman. 

I'm really wondering about this....Powerman 5000....Cyberpunk....recall Blade Runner was important a while back and showing the date 6/10/21 or 10/6/21....
The film Johnny Mnemonic is also a cyberpunk genre film and is set in the year 2021. This film has Keanu Reeves who is in the Matrix too...I haven't watched it in years but I think I'm going to tonight. 


  1. Hey I have been having syncs with this vampire thing. Evan Woods/Marylin Manson...female with male name and man with female name. A few days before that woods and Manson article I started watching Westworld. Woods stars in it and it is all about robots and AI and you mention cyborgs so I feel there is a connection. But maybe at the heart of all this, the very core, is that it is both an individual and collective reflextion of the process of merging the dualities. Male/female, light and darkness, spirit and body (consciousness vs machine).
    And one more thing I just thought was interesting is that I just saw that today on nflix they released a docuseries for the Cecil Hotel and I remember a few years back we had few synchs with that. I haven't been commenting since then but I often check out your work. I remember the darkwater stuff and the elevator synchs. Anyway, overall my thought is that once you have the pattern, or the key, you start to see the connection. If you haven't already taken a look at the flower of life or Metatrons cube or any sacred geometries there are answers there. The very heart of the duality and how we are living in it and how we are actually it itself.

  2. Sorry I forgot to mention Woods plays the queen of vampires in true blood...and there is obviously more but I know you know how deep it can go.