Thursday, February 25, 2021

Murder in small town near where I live connected to "Jesuit" numbers

Another murder happened in the town a few miles away from where I live(Dow City). The last time was in 2013 and it was by the numbers that I've shown in a previous post...It's odd considering this town is less than 1,000 people and there have been 2 murders here in the last 8 years? 
This one is interesting as it's connected to the Jesuit numbers....
He was 46 years old? 

He died 191 days before his bday and 147 days after the Jesuit anniversary.
Society of Jesus=191
Dow City, Iowa=147
Beth Ann Guzman=56
Society of Jesus=56
So on..

The murder comes on the 52nd day of the year 2/21...reflection 122.
Notice the murder was 122 days after her bday, and their bdays were separated by 1 month 22 days as well. 

This is definitely not a hoax and I'm pretty sure Jesuits didn't come in and kill him...yet the numbers are connected. 

I got a feeling this is somehow related to Denison, Iowa...
Denison, Iowa=56 and 221(FB)
I've talked a lot about this town in relation to many narratives. 

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  1. Jeremy was a kind soul and he did not deserve to be with the one that to me is a devil I know God wanted in home but he will be missed Barbie hammer