Thursday, February 25, 2021

Young Pharaoh canceled by CPAC connected to Zach

Once again the same stuff I'm talking about..Zach makes a post about Young Pharaoh being canceled by CPAC, but look how it syncs..
It happened 189 days or 6 months 8 days before YP's bday...
Young Pharaoh=68, 149, 201(FB) 
Francis Bacon strikes again...
Notice how this also happened 149 days before Zach’s bday.
Zachary K Hubbard=68 and 149

This also comes a span of 149 days after the Jesuit anniversary.

It's also interesting that Young Pharaoh and Jeff Daugherty began their channels synced to the moon.
7/20 the moon landing

The reason I even looked at this was because Zach talked about it last night after the Gematria Effect ended.
Like I've said a billion times, I agree they are doing rituals and ruling the world with this knowledge, but at the same time this happens everyday...unless we are being used in the ritual too...this is why we need to pay attention and not ignore this stuff. 


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