Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Zach's strike comes 201 days after his bday and involves the number 19-More Moon connections

So Zach gets a strike over the video about 1.9 trillion and he was talking about 19 year cycles...the strike also happened 19 days after the 19th day of 2021..or the 38th day..

Recall that I was watching the number 19 due to the Allen Iverson narrative...then Zach did the video with RV Truth on 1/9.
A big piece with that narrative was They Live and the number 218..
I've recently pointed out the importance to the Moon with 218 as well, but I never thought about the moon having a 19 metonic cycle.

Moon=38 and 218(Hebrew)

This strike also comes the dame day as SB 55 that was synced to Tiger King. Recall that the Tiger symbolism was also important to the moon/space...for example Pink's son with the tiger jacket and his moon name...Stay the Fuck at home with the Tiger and full moon on the cover...international Tiger Day on NASA's anniversary/Tisha B'Av..

This strike happened 201 days after his bday which is the anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. 
Neil Alden Armstrong=201
The moon landing was on the 201st day. 
Buzz Aldrin born on 20/1. 
So on..

It seems most of these syncs and happenings are related to the moon. 
Tomorrow will be 2/10...
Moon=210(English Extended)



  1. The Moon joins 5 other planets in Capricorn later today

  2. The Moon will be centered im Capricorn tomorrow 2/10. That $1.9 trillion story came out the same day I was talking about it being the last day of 218 on the Martian Calendar and how it was 20 lunar years since 9/11 (February 5th). Mars Perseverance rover scheduled to land on Mars on 2-18. Mars = 201

  3. If I'm not mistaken, Brady's 664th and
    final TD of SBLV was to Antonio Brown who was 11,900 days old.
    664 is of course the inverse of 466.
    ...and Costa Concordia sunk 3313 days before SBLV.