Monday, February 15, 2021

Bruce Springsteen's DWI and my 2015 info about Philadelphia-Allen Iverson


I have to think some more and look at my old info, but this story has to be important to the Philadelphia Allen Iverson narrative...recall in 2015 the date 9/23 was very important and synced to Philadelphia...I also mentioned a lot about earthquakes and bridges with Philadelphia around this time....I pointed out back then that Bruce Springsteen was born on 9/23 and his video for Streets of Philadelphia shows the Franklin Bridge if I remember correctly...
I also pointed out that "Revelation"=49 and he was born in 49'..
Notice this story comes 2 months 27 days after it happened.
227 the 49th prime.
The story also comes 106 days after Philadelphia's anniversary..
Back then we talked a lot about.."Prophecy"=106 and I also mentioned how Philadelphia in Jordan was destroyed by Eartquakes in 106AD.
There was also something to do with Neptune and Bruce..

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