Friday, February 19, 2021

Courtney Love in relaton to Larry Flynt/Jesuit Theme-27th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death-Love Rose Theme/The Damned


I got a couple of messages on a comment I left on Kurt Cobain video years back...every now and then I get a response to this comment, but I figured I would look at Courtney Love again because of it....also because Kurt's bday is on 2/20 and he would've been 54 years old...for years I've mentioned how he was synced to a "LOVE" Theme...
Love=54(Front) and 54(Reverse)
Courtney LOVE...
She grew up in Portland, Oregon..the city of Roses..

I swear today at work as I was scrolling through Facebook it gave me a weird ad that had the song "Love Buzz" playing to people skateboarding...
Heart shaped Box...
So on..
Kurt died on 4/5 or 5/4. and died a span of 45 days after his bday. 

Another reason I looked at this was because we just had the death of Larry Flynt and Courtney Love is in the film "The People vs Larry Flynt"...
Larry Flynt=56
Althea Flynt=56(Who Love Portrays)
Anyway notice Courtney Love is currently 56 years old..
Kurt & Courtney=56
Courtney Love=201(FB)
She was born on 7/9 and today is 7 months 9 days after her bday..
Society of Jesus=56
The number 201 all synced to the Jesuits. 
Kurt's bday 2/20 is also another number that is important to the Jesuits. 
Man...we could see the death of Courtney Love this year huh? 
It would be 27 years after Kurt Cobain died age 27 too. 
Larry Flynt also died 149 days before Courtney Love's bday. 
Courtney Love=149

Nirvana=34 and 79
Murder=34 and 79
Kurt died 3 months 4 days before Courtney's bday on 7/9. 

Notice above too that Courtney has a book called "Princess A.I." too..and she's in the film "Man on the Moon". 

Frances Cobain=56, 79 and 218(FB)
Frances Bean Cobain=132 and 210(FB)
Flynt died on 2/10...
Catholic Church=132
Althea Flynt died 132 days before her 34th bday. 

I also wonder if there is something important to the band "Killing Joke" as I recently learned of their song "Eighties" that has a main riff that sounds a lot like "Come As You Are"...there is also the song by The Damned called "Life Goes On"..with the exact same riff...recall the Damned had the song "New Rose" that was covered by Gun N Roses....the Damned also had a bass player named Paul Gray that reminds me of Slipknot. 

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  1. Dave Grohl's 52nd birthday, January 14/21, was 27 days before Larry Flint died.