Sunday, February 28, 2021

Brian Sicknick died from Bear Spray synced to Zach being Bear Sprayed in Portland

Brian Sicknick died from Bear Spray? Apparently they have shown this before, but Zach just realized it on 2/26 with this story. Once again, u know it's connected to Zach who recently got Bear Sprayed too. I get it too, it's obvious the news is purposefully doing this, such as the story on the 57th day..
Bear Spray=57
His ridiculous name in light of coronavirus and so on....but the story is also absolutely connected to Zach.
The story bear comes a span of 42 days after Zach got bear sprayed..
Sicknick was 42 years old.
Bear spray=42
Sicknick died 170 days after Zachs bday..or he got sprayed a span of 170 days after Zachs bday.
Zachary Keefe Hubbard=170
Further, Zach got sprayed 170 days after Sicknick's bday.

Recall, Zach showed that Sweet Lady comes from the Tyrese song..and sweet lady is from Myanmar...then a few days later there was a coup in Myanmar 170 days before Zachs bday, and the lady who was overthrown was born on the 170th day..
Then Zachs channel got a strike 201 days after his bday, which was the same day as Super Bowl 55..
Tampa Bay Buccaneers=170
Tom Brady=170(FB)

It's funny too because a while back I wondered if a Bear theme would be important this year.. 2019 was the Lion..2020 the Tiger...2021 the Bear? 

I can see how they can build a narrative around him..but how would they get him to go to Portland on a certain date synced to the numbers and such too...I really don't think he's an agent because I'm not an agent and this stuff happens to me all the time...this is why I'm saying we are pretty much powerless until we learn a lot more about this.
Is it organic that he went there? 
Or did they manipulate him in some way that he eventually would go on a certain date and hand out his book etc, so they could sync up a story to him?
If it was them manipulating him, then we are pretty much powerless against these people until we can learn to stop the manipulation and use it ourselves...
If it was just organic then it begs the question that everything is organic...but then you see these obvious fake stories on top of it and go...what the fuck is really going on lol? 
Or is it something much greater like that it's AI or we live in the matrix, or it's all God...and all of these fake stories were meant for people such as us to order to understand God...

Do you see what I am saying?  

This is why I'm saying it's important to pay attention to this type of thing over and over...I know others are paying attention too, but the majority of people in this community and Zach seem to deem it "kind've interesting" when in reality I see it as the next big level of understanding what is going on. 
I just feel like I'm not being truthful if I don't show people how our lives are synced to it as well. I'm not saying that others aren't truthful, but if you see that it's connected to something other than the cabal, it needs to be shared. This is why I'm doing what I am doing, because we aren't fixing shit regardless of how many people we wake up to the knowledge until we understand it better. 
It's not like you have to quit teaching people all of the simple stuff such as "Bear Spray"=57 and the story was on the 57th day either to get people interested and help us...but how can we win if we don't understand all of the pieces of what is going on? I think if we have more people looking at the connections in their life and not just blaming ever single thing on the cabal(which it could be), we will reach a critical mass of understanding a lot faster...instead many people are being held back from doing this because of Zach's seemingly lack of interest in it.    




  1. Everything has to have Zach's stamp of approval. I don't see how he isn't an agent. Especially when he goes after someone like Derek who has just as much to do with gematria's proliferation as Zach.

  2. He recently did a video talking about how none of the bigger channels ever help him out.... Needs to look in the mirror. You gotta tiptoe around the guy for him to work with you unless you're fucking Russianvids. He made an exception for him....

  3. I do agree with the fact that there is a natural order being manipulated and "They" have the knowledge on how to manipulate it and are keeping it secret as well as "profiting" from it in many ways. I saw an article somewhere (I wish I could remember) the other day that eluded to the fact that "They" get a lot of their ideas from Truthers for future "events". Sometimes I think the AI that is going on collecting data sees the "Truthers Trends" and run with them. Just as "They" plant the next "Trend" for the Truthers to bite on to. They are manipulating all that we "see" on the surface so we get stuck there. There are so many layers. Thanks for continuing to peel them back.

  4. If molecular and energetic phenomena can be manipulated by Quantum Control Methods ....

    The masses are manipulated every day
    Be self aware
    What is this physical existence?
    Is the God Particle real?
    Is it predictive programming or are you being programmed?

    The government has everything that you have ever done or bought in a data base. They record every movement. They can predict with 98% accuracy where you will be at what time. We are creatures of habit. Your thoughts can be programmed through frequency.

    Schumann resonane

    If you turn left over and over again you will go in circles
    Turn right and you break the cycle