Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Evan Rachel Wood says Marilyn Manson sexually abused her

If you've followed my blog/videos you know I am supposed to see this story about Marilyn Manson...Notice how this story comes 218 days before Evan Rachel Wood's bday...

I've also mentioned how Marilyn Manson was important to the Moon as he was born on 1/5 or 5/1...also his Heaven Upside Down Tour that began on the anniversary of the Moon landing in 2017(Same day Chester Bennington died)
Linkin Park...Lincoln Park where the St. Valentines Day Massacre was synced to Stoneman Douglas/Marilyn Manson. 

Moon=218(Hebrew)...21, 15, and 51. 
This story comes on 2/1. 

2/1 is also exactly 21 weeks after Evan Rachel Wood's bday..

Evan Rachel Wood was the inspiration for the song "Heart Shaped Glasses"...In the music video he is choking and and having sex with her while the song "Evidence" is playing before the song "Heart Shaped Glasses" begins lol....Evidence huh? He then promoted this album on the "Rape of the World Tour"...
The song Heart Shaped Glasses came out on the Eat Me Drink Me album on 6/5. 
Evan Rachel Wood=65, 70, 232, and 310(FB)
Eat Me Drink Me=232(FB), 310(FB)
Heart Shaped Glasses=70

There has to be something to the film "Lolita" too, but I have never watched it before. 

Remember in 2017 too that Daisy Berkowitz died and a few days later Twiggy Ramirez was kicked out of the band for Sexual Allegations. 

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