Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Hacked Facebook message and Zach's reupload of Larry Johnson video in relation to Charles Manson

So I'm at work and my phone kept going off from Facebook messenger. I figured he got hacked, but responded cause I thought maybe he was going to ask me about DJing..I do know him and didn't want to not respond...turns out he did get hacked, but I figured this happened for a reason so I looked at his gematria..
His name syncs to Charles Manson in all 4 Francis Bacon ciphers.
The reason it stood out to me is because a little bit before this message I noticed Zach re-uploaded his interview with Larry Johnson. Recall that Charles Manson died on Larry Johnson’s bday in 2017..

Recall Larry Johnson also shared gematria on 10-18-2019, which was the same day as Event 201...Super Bowl 55 was 201 days after Zachs bday..
Zachary Keefe Hubbard=170
Tampa Bay Buccaneers=170
Today is exactly 55 weeks after Zach’s interview with Larry too.
Notice Lindell's bday is 12/29..
The 201st prime number..
This was also the day someone messaged me about Allen Iverson, which got me thinking about the number 19 again..
I find this interesting because today is 19 days after the anniversary of Zach interviewing Larry Johnson.
It's also funny that I took the screenshot of his video after it was online for 32 minutes and 1.9k views lol, I had no idea till now..

Recall how the interview was by the numbers as was 64 days after Larry Johnsons bday on 1/22.
Kansas City Chiefs=64
Forty Niners=64
Kansas City=122
San Francisco=122
Zach's bday is a span of 122 days before Larry's bday.
Recall Larry shared Gematria 32 days or 1 month 1 day before his bday too.
Chiefs=32 and 31
The 11th prime is 31..
Chiefs won SB 54 by 11 and scored 31 points.
Zach's interview with Larry was 11 days before SB 54.

Funnier yet is that when I search my blog for "Larry johnson" it brings up my post about my Allen Iverson video being taken down..yet I can see where I talked about Larry Johnson in this post...I talked about Larry Brown and Magic Johnson, but not Larry Johnson..
Notice today is the 41st day and Larry Johnson is 41 years old too.
Super Bowl=41
Today is also 83 days after his 41st bday.
Bradys bday is 8/3.
Notice the 2 months 22 days as well and recall how SB 54 was synced to 222.
Super Bowl 56 will be held in the RAMS stadium in 2022.
Today is also 282 days before Larry's 42nd bday..
Charles Manson=282(FB)
We know about 42 and Black people too.
Think about Charles Manson and black people rising up as well.


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