Friday, February 5, 2021

WWE Wrestler Tyler Reks is transgendered and now known as Gabbi Tuft


Gabbi Tuft=56
Tyler Reks=56 and 218(FB)

This story comes a span of 3 months 4 days after his/her bday.
Gabbi Tuft=34
This comes just after Ronda Rousey turned 34 and the 34th Royal Rumble. 
Ronda Jean Rousey=185
Tyler Reks=185(FB) and 264(FB)

It's also interesting that this comes after people talking like crazy about Transgenders being allowed to compete in Women's Sports due to Joe Biden's executive order...

It makes me think of the South Park episode where the character that resembled Macho Man Randy Savage was a transgender competing in Women's sports. 

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