Friday, February 5, 2021

Trevor Bauer going to the Los Angeles Dodgers


A perfect day for the big news of Trevor Bauer going to the Dodgers. 
Notice his bday is 1/17 and today is the 36th day of the year. 
Dodgers=36 and 117
2021 will be the year of the 117th World Series. 

Today is also 55 days before the 2021 season begins. 
Trevor Bauer=55
Los Angeles=55
This just before Super Bowl 55..
Notice the MLB season begins on 4/1. 
Super Bowl=41
It also is interesting in regards to this being the final MLB Season with the Cleveland Indians that Trevor Bauer used to play for. 
Notice today is 53 days after they announced they were changing their name. 
Los Angeles=53
The Indians announcement was also 34 days before Bauer's bday. 

Remember Bauer was important to the Pink/Finger symbolism too..that in turn was connected to the Catholic Church. 


  1. Dude!! Hey Zach mentioned Dustin Diamond's character's crush on Lisa and how he died on the first day of black history month. He died 59 days to the start of the 2021 MLB season. Diamond on the baseball field. Lark Voorhies. Jason Vorhees.... whens the next Friday 13th.

  2. He died 193 days to the next Friday the 13th