Sunday, June 28, 2020

My Synchronicity with Arnold Palmer/Umbrella's and the Traveler's Championship-2020 Masters-Jesuits-Royal Family-Oliver Cromwell

I finally have enough time to look at this. I had just documented about my synchronicity with Umbrella's and golfer Arnold was also related to Pittsburgh....going into the final day of the Traveler's tournment the leader is Brendon Todd who was born in Pittsburgh. 

The Logo is an Umbrella.....Notice it's in Cromwell, Connecticut too...It's named after Oliver Cromwell who was the leader of England's Commonwealth after King Charles I...Charles II was the leader during the bubonic plague in England...English CIVIL Wars...

Oliver Cromwell died 234 days after his bday? 
Oliver Cromwell=234(FB)
Note he lived during the time of Francis Bacon as well. 
English Civil War=234
It was also a span of 132 days after his bday...

I also find this interesting...
Brendon Todd=182 and 234(FB)
Oliver Cromwell=182
Brendon Todd born on 7/22....Crowell died 7 months 22 days before his bday. 

I'm also interested in Oliver Cromwell, because I have seen a lot of people share about the Irish Slaves on Facebook. Cromwell was credited with shipping off Irish Slaves to the colonies in America...

The Travelers Championship has been held at TPC River Highlands since 1984...
Arnold Palmer=84

The 84th Masters will be held over Prince Charles bday...
Arnold Palmer nicknamed, "The King". 
Queen Elizabeth II=84 and 87(Palmer died 87)
Princess Diana=84
Meghan Markle born on 8/4....Obama's bday...also Elizabeth's mother's bday..

Tiger Woods=187(FB)

It's interesting too that the Masters will end on the anniversary of Space Jam being released...Remember they use magnets to control the golf balls in Space Jam..

Golf was suspended due to coronavirus on 3/12...
The Jesuit number...
Arnold Daniel Palmer=312

This also means the 84th Masters will end on the 84th day after Golf was suspended. 

I don't think I've ever noticed that Queen Elizabeth's bday is 5 month 6 days before the jesuit anniversary..
Royal Family=56
Society of Jesus=56

The Masters will end 5 months 6 days before Elizabeth's bday too. 

The Jesuit anniversary is 6 months 25 days before Elizabeth's bday.....her bday is 6 months 25 days before the Masters ends this year....I had the synchronicity with Arnold Palmer on 6/25. 
6/25 was the 177th day this year....
The Jesuit Order=177 and 84

In regards to synchronicity is interesting that George Orwell's bday is 6/25....Thought Police and so on..
George Orwell=234(FB) and 56, and 182
A big theme I was following years ago in relation to him was from the film Castaway....It was the FedEx 88 plane that crashes going to Malaysia...and they say, "Eric is Next"...Orwell's real name is Eric...He hated the name due to the book Eric or Little by Little that was written by a guy who was friends with Charles Darwin....


  1. England......The ARNOLD PALMER INVITATIONAl. (The final Tour before the Shutdown), was won by ENGLISH golfer Tyrell Hatton. Hatton won the tournament 146 days from his b-day. 14/6 Donald Trump's b-day. The PGA Tour first tournament back was completed on 14/6, Donald Trump's b-day.

  2. And Tyrrell Hatton's birthday comes 33 days from Master's Sunday.

  3. I remember All4truth having an umbrella logo