Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Obama Foundation's Tweet with George Floyd on May 17th

I see that Zach posted about this tweet of the Obama foundation on May 17th with George Floyd...As I looked more at it, it seems that "Q" is who exposed this, which is fitting to what I have said forever....they have purposefully created conspiracy theorists....If this tweet is legit...there is no way they didn't do this on purpose...
They used coronavirus to wake more people up that the media is lying to us...but the problem is that most people think it's some type of political conspiracy theory....I'm fucking tired of hearing people say it's the Democrats trying to take down Donald Trump...Some people who know the media is lying about coronavirus, then ate up the George Floyd story like it was real....and others are seeing that it's all a lie...but once again, they think it's political. 

It seems they are trying to start a revolution, and we don't need a controlled revolution...we need people to realize it's ALL bullshit. 
This Is America=134
Barack Hussein Obama II=134


  1. Did you see that the golden gate bridge makes noise now? Due to a wind barrier they installed.

  2. Q Gospels
    Q derived from Quelle
    Quelle = to pacify