Saturday, June 20, 2020

Amy Klobuchar drops out of Vice President contention-Election on Colin Kaepernick's 33rd birthday

She does this 138 days before the election...
Donald Trump=138
Vice President=201(FB)

She's from Minnesota and born the same day George Floyd was killed too. 

This whole narrative is perfect for Colin Kaepernick, because the election falls on Kaepernick's birthday of 11/3. 

George Floyd died on the 146th day..
Colin Kaepernick=146
Trumps bday/Flag day is 14/6. 

She dropped out of the presidential race 84 days before her bday. 
The 62nd day...."Minneapolis"=62

It's also interesting in regards to the Jesuits that Joe Biden is a Catholic...He could potentially be the 46th president....
Catholic=35 and 46
JFK the 35th president died age 46. 

I've been saying forever the number 312 is important to the Jesuits and notice Biden's bday is 312 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 

Biden hopes to have his VP candidate by 8/1? 
The anniversary of the Minnesota Bridge Collapse and Francis Scott Key's bday...

Klobuchar was born in 60' and turned 60 years old....Her bday was 5 months 9 days before the 59th election...
Woman of Color=60

5/25 was 187 days after Biden's bday. 
Society of Jesus=187

Kaepernick of course the QB who lost just before Pope Francis became the Pope....Alex Smith plays in Washington D.C. now...


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  2. 9/11/01 to 8/1/20
    6899 days
    887th prime = 6899
    (887 = 154th prime)

    = The Magic Square of the Sun
    = Super Bowl Forty Nine
    = Super Bowl Fifty Four
    = Judas Iscariot
    = POTUS
    = Count the number of the Beast
    = Returning King
    = Nebraska Cornhuskers
    = University of Oregon