Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Comment on error I made in a George Floyd Post-John Henry

At work today, I checked my email and I had this message about an error I made on the blog. It's funny as I remember a few days ago noticing this same error, but then I forgot to fix it after work. 
Obviously he wasn't born in 93' as he was 46 years old...I meant to write that he graduated from High School in 93'. 

So anyway, I figured I would double check that wikipedia does say he graduated in 93', and then I clicked on the High School....Notice the High School is named after a guy named "JOHN HENRY" Yates. 
Is that not strange considering I just wrote about John Henry the horse and folklore due to wikipedia changing my copy and paste to "Tennesse Titans". 

Notice he died 201 days after his bday too. 

George Perry Floyd=201

I might have to check out this film.."John Henry" that came out on 1/24/2020. 
Terry Crews...Ludacris..

I wonder if there is something to the band "Drive By Truckers" who wrote "John Henry" too...and I need to look at the horses for the upcoming Belmont. 

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