Saturday, June 20, 2020

OJ Simpson was released from jail the same day as the 2017 Las Vegas Attack synced to Jesuits

I just got home from band practice, but I was thinking about this on the way home. Ford was originally going to release the new Bronco on OJ Simpson's bday, but it's now pushed on 7/13....
Anyway, remember OJ was important to the Jesuits and Las Vegas shooting in 2017. 
He was released from jail the same day as the Vegas shooting....which was 84 days after his bday. He was arrested in Las Vegas...
Orenthal James Simpson=84
Las Vegas Strip=84
Mandalay Bay Hotel=84
OJ Simpson=40
There was a shooting on the 84th day of 2017 in Las Vegas, and the major Vegas attack was 191 days later....also 187 days before the Jesuit anniversary...
Stephen Paddock died 191 days after his bday. 
Society of Jesus=187, 191
OJ Simpson=191(FB)
OJ's bday in 2020 is the 191st day. 

Ford Bronco=56
Society of Jesus=56

There's definitely a bigger narrative with OJ outside of the TV show just before Super Bowl 50....

I should point out too that they interrupted the 1994 NBA Finals when OJ was in the police chase....
The Rockets lost that game and scored 84 points...
This finals was when Hakeem Olajuwon got his revenge on Patrick Ewing from the 1984 College Basketball championship......In 1984 Ewing's Jesuit Georgetown Hoya's beat Olajuwon's Houston Cougars.....Georgetown scored 84 points in that game. 

Nicole Simpson was murdered on 6/12...

July 13th is the 195th day this year....a number I have been following like crazy...

I'll have to think more, but it's interesting he would be important again in a year synced to the Jesuits. 

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