Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Notifications on my phone all syncing up to Batman-Jesuit/Knights of Columbus/Priest-Joel Schumacher-Ja Rule-Michael Keaton

I got some strange notifications on my phone today for these stories. 
What's interesting is that in the past week I have had the Ja Rule song, "Put it on Me" in my head. I can do his and DMX's voice fairly well, and the songs have just came to my head lately. I also listened to DMX a bunch over the last week, because my friends were in town and we always play DMX at the bar. 

I've recently been having syncs with Queen/Duck/Pink/Mandela Effect....so it's interesting the last time I documented about Ja Rule also involved Queen....Ja Rule had technical issues at the Buck-Twolves game and the next night Queen opened the Oscars and they made fun of Ja Rule's failed Fyre Festival...
Ja Rule=95
Mandela Effect=95
Dan Behrendt=95

I'm wondering about DMX...he was important to things I documented about with Super Bowl 50...OJ...Black Panthers...He is also important to the Stock Market stuff connected to SB 52..
I also documented about Ja Rule on 1/22/2020, in regards to J-Lo and Shakira doing Super Bowl 54 halftime show...I mentioned how J-Lo always reminds me of South Park/Ben Affleck(Batman)...and I only know her songs with Ja Rule...

I think this is why there was also a story about Michael Keaton possibly portraying Batman again. It's funny as I get this notification the same day that Joel Schumacher dies too....Remember he was the director of Batman Forever...the one where Jim Carrey uses gematria....Schumacher also directed "The Number 23" that shows gematria. 
He's also important to the Brat Pack...which is important to the Duck/Pink theme....
Also last year I talked about him in regards to the number 310 and my synchronicity with The Lost Boys/Buffy The Vampire Slayer...

Remember I discovered the Batman Gematria piece after Adam West had died in 2017...this was when all of the Jesuit stuff was getting really important to what I was following....Even the USS Fitzgerald that was important to Father Howard Fitzgerald...and then I had synchronicity with "Bruce Almighty" and the Navy Ship with the number 62 on it....

To top all of this off....Yesterday I started training a new girl at work named Susan. We were talking about her name, and I went on to tell her that I really don't know many people name Susan, especially her age....I pointed out that my best friends mom was named Susan, and then another kid I work with mentioned a different Susan that I knew too....
Today at work, both of the Susan's we mentioned came into the store....I haven't seen either of them for a long time...I honestly think I haven't seen my best friends mom since last summer..but of course I talk about her and she shows up in my life. 
Anyway, as I was looking at the gematria of her name I the message above about joining a chat thing. When I clicked on it, the link was a dead link....
Susan Sturgill=159
Mark Bissen=159
I know this is somehow important, because Mark pretty big into the Knights of Columbus around here. Now think how that is related to what I was talking about in 2017...the Jesuits/Barney/Knights of Columbus/Catholic Priests...it can't be a coincidence....this doesn't mean I think he purposefully added me to that chat thing though....He really doesn't seem like a guy that knows about any of the information I'm documenting about on a daily basis. I wonder if he got spammed or something...but I guess regardless of why I got this notification..I did because it's important to this narrative. 

I just learned something interesting in regards to the Knights though...notice they were established in New Haven, Connecticut....this is where Skull and Bones is from too...
Knights of Columbus=244
7/4/2020 will be the 244th year of the United States..
Two Hundred One=244
Skull and Bones=201(FB)

The Dark Knight=215...(Batman)
Knights of Columbus=215
Aleister Crowley=215
Aleister Crowley born on Columbus Day...

My Uncle Barney died 2 months 15 days before the anniversary of the Knights of Columbus too? WTF?
I've been saying since 2017 that his death was linked to this, and now it's even more clear. 

I had the priest synchronicity on 5/30/2017....the day leaving 215 days in the year. 
The Duck/Batman/Pink symbolism also important to 215 and the date of 2/15...
Don't forget Michael Keaton is the star of the film "Spotlight" about the 87 molesting Priests...

Keaton born on 9/5.....the day day of the Kentucky Derby..
Keaton also has a role in the MINIONS movie. He's also the dad in Herbie: Fully Loaded in which Lindsay Lohan wears the Bloodmoon shirt with the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Spotlight 2015
Minions 2015
Francis visit to US 2015..Bloodmoons..

Joel Schumacher died 69 days(end date) before his bday..
She died 69 days after 6/9. 
Adam West died on 6/9. 
Batman Forever premiered on 6/9. 
Catholic Church=69

Schumaker also involved in a film called, "Tigerland". 

Some interesting days I'm thinking about in connection to this stuff...
6/24...Freemasonry/Jesuits/John the Baptist/Pope Francis/Prince Charles/Indians...

7/20....Moon Landing/Batman Shooting...

8/2....215th day...Declaration of Independence...


Recall, in 2017 the major day I was following was 9/27....with all of the 2017 narrative showing up again...maybe we should really pay attention to 9/27 this year. 
9/27 leaves 95 days in the year. 

6/22 is span of 95 days before 9/5. 

I need to think more on this. 


  1. Today on 6/23 Pope Francis is 2660 days in office as a Pope.....9/23=266 Day of the year.
    from 8/15/2019 to 6/23/2020 is span of 314 days (pi)

  2. We also had that story about Betelgeuse going supernova earlier in the year or late last year. The 26th will be 2662 days into Francis's papacy. Mercury in the Golden Gate as well which has a 266 correlation. 266th pope. I honestly didn't even notice the comment above till just now.