Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Umbrella Theme with the Protests-Mary Poppins

So the AUTOnomous Zone known as CHAZ in Seattle has a PINK Umbrella for their logo....reminding us of the Umbrella Man who broke the windows at the AUTOZone. 


I swear this has to be connected to my Mary Poppins stuff...think WENDY's in regards to it being WINDY and remember the story of the guy in Turkey floating in the air like Mary Poppins because it was WINDY. 
Chicago is the WINDY City..
When I think of CHAZ only 3 things come to mind...
A lady I know nicknamed Chas/Chaz
Chester Bennington/CHAZ....
Chester Bennington is important to Chicago/St. Valentines Day Massacre/Lincoln Park....

Chaz Bono=84, 132
Umbrella=84, 132
Catholic Church=132

Maybe we should watch for Julie Andrews...or Emily Blunt....I'm just trying to think why the Mary Poppins narrative was so important....the Harvest Moon....8/27/2020/Haile Selassie...the Simpsons episode 166. 
Mary Poppins came out 56 years ago on 8/27/2020...

CHAZ formed on 6/8. 
Seattle, Washington=68

I also cannot help but think of Danny Devito being Penguin with the Umbrella. He's also in the film "TWINS". 

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  1. Close,


    Charles in Charge! At least AFTER "Lily Beit" (2) (splits in two) on an eclipse? Cheers.