Saturday, June 20, 2020

Alaska's 'Into the Wild' Bus moved story a day after I document about Kristen Stewart

How funny....I just looked at this film last night after posting about Kristen Stewart. She is in this film, but the main guy also somewhat looks like Robert Pattinson....Twin?...or at least I used to think this back in the day. 
Plus the plot is interesting considering the world right off grid without any identification and so on...

I'll have to look more at this story when I get a chance. I'm too tired right now, but I just thought it was funny I just looked at this film last night. 

The Bus has 142 on it..

Hirsch is 35 years old, and born on Pope Francis' anniversary being the Pope. 

I wonder if there's something important to Eddie Vedder too...he wrote the soundtrack for the film and earlier at band practice we actually had a conversation about him. 

The film also has Catherine Keener...I have documented about her a good amount in the last month too. 

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  1. Stewart is set to play Princess Diana in an upcoming film