Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Synchronicity with Family Guy and Hulu Tonight-312

I've been trying to watch this show called, "The Order" on Netflix for a while now. Everytime I got to Netflix my girlfriends siblings are on our account, so it seems I can never watch anything. It's a show about a kid who goes to college and joins something like, "The Hermetic Order of the Blue/Purple Rose"...

Anyway a little while ago I was asking my girlfriends mom which of her kids would be watching Netflix on an Xbox 360, cause I can never get on it....She didn't know, and told me she could never get on it either and so on....I then started telling her how Hulu sucks, but I can always get on I told her that, I heard Meg on Family Guy mention something about Hulu.....
It was the episode called, "Pal Stewie". 

The thing that interests me the most about the episode is that it's the 312th episode. I have recently blogged about my 2017 info, and the Jesuits a whole lot...and it was around that same time I discovered how 312 was important to the Jesuits/Korean War...


  1. We started watching the order yesterday. The main character is initiated into a secret order of 4 werewolves after joining some kind if dark magic order. Somewhat of a double agent.

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  3. The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance = 312