Friday, June 26, 2020

Umbrella synchronicity at work-Trump's Umbrella issue in 2018-Obama makes Marines hold Umbrella-Turkey

Just before work today I was reading Rambo's post about the Umbrella...As I've shown, I know there has to be something important to the Montagraph/Mary Poppins stuff from last year.....It was our truck day and at one point, I started thinking about the Umbrella stuff while I was stocking, and of course the next item I grabbed had an Umbrella on it....I've stocked these things a million times, and never once realized it had an umbrella on it until today...

Would you believe the gematria of Arnold Palmer?

Arnold Palmer=195
Arnold Daniel Palmer=84 and 312
It never fails to be connected to the narrative I'm following...I just documented again about the importance of 312 and the 195 all year...
Umbrella=84 and 132
Catholic Church=132

He is nicknamed, "The King" as well...

After Arnold died they did a tribute for him at the Ryder Cup just outside of the Twin Cities....Minneapolis..George Floyd...

Wikipedia also makes sure to tell us he is mentioned in the James Bond film, "Goldfinger". 
A few months back I had synchronicity with the post I mentioned seeing the band Goldfinger in Sioux City, Iowa....I find this interesting, because a girl at work today was telling me not to go to Sioux City as they have re-did a lot of roads and it's confusing..
One of the few times I mentioned Sioux City on this blog was Flight 232 crashing on 7/19/1989.....recall, this year 7/19 is the 201st day. I mentioned it last year too in regards to a girl from Briar Cliff dying and the Jesuits. 
Sioux City=46 and 145
Catholic=46 and 145
The Umbrella Man=145

My Mary Poppins sync was on the 84th day of 2019 too..
It was just days before Zach's livestreams started to get hacked....remember the All 4 Truth Logo was the Umbrella, and then Montagraph/The Umbrella Man made the video about Christmas Eve...then Zach's house got crashed into..
The Umbrella Man made that video 187 days before Zach's channel was deleted on 6/28/2017 too...
I wonder if this date will be important in 2020? 
6/27 leaves 187 days....

I started looking at my old blog posts about Umbrella's and last year the military allowed Marines to use Umbrella's. The article also told us of Obama breaking protocol in 2013 when he had a Marines hold Umbrella's for him and Turkey's Recep Erdogan....

It was actually 5/16/2013.....recall my synchronicity with Mary Poppins was important to the date and number 5/16(516). 

Also the sync was of a man from Turkey blowing away like Mary Poppins...

Recep Erdogan=66
He is currently 66 years old..
Thanksgiving=66 and 141
World War III=141
Rocky was important to Goldfinger/France/Thanksgiving. 

Obama born on 8/4. 
8/4 is important to Queen Elizabeth/Meghan Markle...

I just wonder about this too, because after I was done putting the truck away today, I had to run the register. I noticed there was a nickel sitting on top of the receipt machine...of course it was a Canadian Nickel with Queen Elizabeth  on it.....there is something important to randomly finding these foreign coins while I'm at work too. 

Donald Trump also had the weird experience of just leaving his umbrella open and then going through the plane door too. This was the same day as the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting in 2018....Makes me think how Arnold Palmer died in Pittsburgh....The City of Bridges....


  1. Wow, amazing you connected Arnold Palmer. Right now the PGA Tour, is playing the Travelers Championship this weekend. THEIR LOGO IS AN UMBRELLA. There is an RED UMBRELLA ON EVERY SINGLE FLAG POST ON EACH HOLD. Umbrella's all over the course

  2. And this November will be the 84th Masters (Arnold Palmer = 84)

  3. PGA Tour plays in Minnesota July 23-26th. "3M Open"

  4. and in regards to the CANADA coin. Arnold Palmer won his 1st PGA Tour in Canada. At the Canadian Open

    1. Canadian MACKENZIE HUGHES was the 1st & 2nd round leader.

  5. Awesome gents!
    AP would have been 33333 days old for the Total Solar Eclipse on December 12th. Cheers WB

  6. Haha...sorry...December 14th...

  7. Arnold Daniel Palmer = 1231 ...202nd prime ...Total Solar Eclipse

  8. Zach had the umbrella as his All4Truth logo.

  9. The golfer leading the Umbrella Tournament is Brendan Todd from PITTSBURGH. Mind blowing. Arnold Palmer, died in Pitt, Pittsburgh Synagogue. Absolutely mind blowing. Sundays; finale is 223 days from Todd's last Win, Masonic = 223, TODD = 268 (English Extended) < sunday is 28/6.

  10. Dan should look into the PGA Tour, im sure there is a lot to uncover

    1. The RBC CANADIAN OPEN was only PGA Tour to be cancelled this season and not postponed with alternate date. Outright cancelled, and OHIO was rewarded their tournament in place.

  11. The umbrella has really interesting history and was originally a sun shade for Royal/Religious people only. The word Parasol is basically "sun shield". The wiki page for umbrella is a good read but there is a lot of other stuff too. So if it is a "sun shield" it is a type of "eclipse" for the person under it. A Arnold Palmer connection is in ancient days they were made from Palm Tree leaves.

    1. Think of the word "shady", some one "undercover". Makes sense.

  12. Nice!! ...and Brendan Todd will be a span of 34 years 343 days old
    A perfect palindrome ...34343

  13. Great Conjunction on 21.12.20 with the 5th and 6th planets from the Sun.
    Coronavirus = 56 and the plithera of 56 coding this year.
    Arnold Palmer and Byron Nelson the 5th and 6th all time PGA Tour winners.
    Palmer & Nelson died a span of exactly 10 years apart.
    John Byron Nelson Jr = 84(FR)
    Arnold Daniel Palmer = 84(FR)
    Cheers WB

  14. Brendan Todd will also be 1823, 0 days old Sunday.

    1823 is the 281st prime number. 281, 60th prime; Donald Trump = 60; Order = 60. 281 connects to skull and bones.