Thursday, June 18, 2020

Kristen Stewart set to play Princess Diana in film-Death of Vera Lynn and Elizabeth II's coronavirus speech-JFK

The Vampire/Twilight girl is going to portray Princess Diana? The plot is around the Diana's divorce to Prince Charles? 
Notice Kristin Stewart's bday is 4/9, which is the same day that Prince Charles married his 2nd wife Camilla. Recall, they were supposed to be married on 4/8, but it was moved to 4/9, so they could attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II. 

For years I have talked about the number 49 being important to Queen Elizabeth II too. Recall, her mother and sister died 49 days apart in 2002. 
Her mothers funeral was then held on 4/9. 
Queen Elizabeth II was in her 49th year as Queen when 9/11 happened. She became queen in 52'. 
4/9 is 5 months 2 days before 9/11. 
5/2 is 4 months 9 days before 9/11. 

Think how the mirror of 49 is 94.
Queen Elizabeth II is currently 94 years old. 
This story comes 94 days before 9/19, which I have talked about somehow being connected to Queen Elizabeth II since 2014. 
Patient Zero on 12/12/2019 of Coronavirus was 4 months 9 days before Elizabeth's bday. Also 56 days before her anniversary being the Queen. 

Remember last year Diana's death was synced to NASCAR. I'm only mentioning this, because 2020 is the 49th Modern Era cup series....NASCAR established in 49'....France important to 227 this year....Diana died in France..
49th prime is 227. 

Remember in 2017 the TWIN symbolism was important to the film Despicable Me 3 as well....the film was about Gru's twin named "Dru"....I never realized until now that their mother is voiced by Julie Andrews(Mary Poppins) too. Crazy..
They look like TWINkies too. 
I'm only bringing this up, because in the 2015 Minions movie "Bob" removes the sword from the stone...thus he takes Queen Elizabeth II out of power becoming King Bob. 
Despicable Me=49 and 94

Kristen Stewart's birthday is also 84 days before Princess Diana's and 219 days before Prince Charles. 
Princess Diana=84 and 219

If you include the end date it's 220 days or 7 months 6 days before Prince Charles bday. 
Prince Charles=220 and 76

This story comes a span of 76 days before Princess Diana's death date. 

The story comes on 17/6. 
Kristen Stewart=176

No way it's a coincidence this story comes 132 days after Elizabeth's anniversary being queen either. 
Princess Diana=132

This story comes the same day Boris Johnson was in a car wreck....reminding us of Diana dying in a car in France. 
Someone also reminded me the other day that Boris Johnson is basically Donald Trump's TWIN. 
Donald John Trump=76 and 220

Recall, Boris Johnson was also admitted to the hospital for coronavirus the same day Elizabeth II addressed the nation about Coronavirus. In her address she quoted Vera Lynn's song, "We Will Meet Again" today on 6/18...Vera Lynn has died. 

Vera Margaret Lynn=94
Vera Lynn=220(FB)
Notice she died 74 days after that speech...
She also died 7 months 4 days after Prince Charles bday...or 217 days. 
Dame Vera Margaret Lynn=217

Recall, Diana's anniversary of dying will be on the 244th day of the the 244th year of the US. 
King Charles III=244

Vera Lynn's song was to boost moral during World War II as well. 

Recall, that Prince Charles was in India for his 71st birthday in 2019. I am pretty sure that is why we recently got the story of India and China fighting too. 
China is synced to the Houston September the Indian Prime Minister visited Houston and Trump praised him for the first NBA games in India...then we had the Batman stuff in connection to China and so on...I also mentioned the Dalai Lama having to flee to India...we recently had the story of the Panchen Lama being in a story of China and India fighting.....Kristen Stewart in Twilight...Robert Pattinson the new Batman....I'm just wondering in regards to the Vera Lynn song and World War...
There is a lot of the number 56 this year too. This is interesting due to the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, like I thought they would in 2016....The biggest number I talked about in 2015 was the number 56....the Chiefs were in their 56th season even....things keep happening in relation to this as well....such as Ford releasing the upcoming Bronco on OJ Simpson's bday, just like how they released the OJ documentary before the White Bronco beat the Black Panther in the Super Bowl....then Kaepernick knelt later that year....
I'm just bringing this up, because during this time I also mentioned World War III and the date of 8/12/2016....Remember Kim Jong Un was claimed to be in grave danger on Hitler's bday too...
Adolf Hitler=56
Vera Lynn=42
Kim Jong Un=42
World War=42
Charles' marriage to Camilla was delayed due to John Paul II who died on 4/2. 

This year it will be the 75th anniversary of World War II coming to an end on 9/2/2020. 
World War III=75
Elizabeth II became Queen 75 days before her bday. 
Vera Lynn's death with the end date included would be 75 days after Elizabeth's address and 7 months 5 days after Charles' bday. 

World War II=132
Princess Diana=132
She died 132 days after Elizabeth's bday. 

Catholic Church=132

Elizabeth's mother shares a bday of 8/4 with Meghan Markle....84 the Jesuit number..

The Princess Diana film is created by Pablo Larrain....Notice he directed the "Jackie" film about JFK's wife Jackie Kennedy.....also produced a film called, "The Year of the Tiger" in 2011....

Yesterday we also had the death of JFK's last remaining sibling..Jean Kennedy Smith..

Notice her bday of 2/20...220...

In regards to Prince Charles divorce, I find it interesting this lady was married on 5/19....this is Jackie Kennedy's bday and also the day that Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to JFK. 
JFK died after meeting the Pope in the year 63'. 
63 a number I have followed with the Jesuits since my uncle Barney died..
JFK the first Catholic president...
He died in the 187th year of the United States..
Society of Jesus=187
So on..
Jean Kennedy Smith=84
The Jesuits were approved by the 220th Pope, who also was the Pope who fully excommunicated Henry VIII for getting divorced....think about Prince Charles. 
Pope Francis' bday is 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
Donald John Trump=220
Prince Charles=220

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