Monday, June 29, 2020

Orlando stories on CNN-Umbrella story in video on Facebook

I figured I would look up Orlando considering CNN has 2 stories with the word Orlando next to each other...
Orlando, Florida=234
Of course another story involving India on there too. 

I'm so tired I cannot stay awake tonight. As always I wish I had more time. 
I had a sync with Umbrella's today too...When I got off work I went to Facebook and for some reason I clicked on this video....of course the guy goes on to mention how he was taking some trial drug for his cancer and he couldn't be in the he had to use an Umbrella when going outside, and he looked like Mary Poppins....

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  1. Andy Glassberg, the Detroit Golf Club President who brought the PGA Tour to Michigan "passed away suddenly" at age 61. The week before the club hosts their 2nd annual PGA Tournament.