Friday, June 5, 2020

George Floyd arrested over $20 Bill-Harriet Tubman-Steve King loses Iowa Primary

Iowa Representative Steve King loses the primary after George Floyd's death? Remember, Steve King was in the media just before the Alton Sterling/Philando Castile stories saying he didn't want Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill. He is also known to be racist and so on....
This is interesting considering George Floyd was arrested over using a fake $20 bill. 

George Perry Floyd=201 and 102
Harriet Tubman=201 and 60
Underground Railroad=102
Nigger=102, 60
Civil War began on the 102nd day.
Martin Luther King Jr=102(k)
The police are slaves enforcing slave laws on other slaves. 

Civil War=56
Abe Lincoln died age 56 in April. 
Black Lives Matter=56
Coronavirus=56, 155
Society of Jesus=56
The Civil War ended 155 years ago. 
The list goes on and on..

George Floyd supposedly had Coronavirus when he died lol. 

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