Sunday, June 14, 2020

Rayshard Brooks killed at a Wendy's hours after I document the importance of Wendy's-Twins Symbolism-India-Bollywood Actor dead

For real...are they making media stories because of what I am blogging?...or am I just that on to the pattern? 
I blogged on Thursday/Early Friday morning about the Twins symbolism and how it was connected to Wendy's....then the next day the major story is about a man being killed at Wendy's? They even burned down the Wendy's? 
I was at the bar last night after blogging about this and the cop came in making sure no minors were drinking...he was staring at me like I did something wrong, and I told the younger kids I was sitting next to that I'm just gonna go burn down a Wendy's....they laughed and asked me why Wendy's and I told them about the Minneapolis Wendy's... 

I just realized another 195 to go with the above too. This story came to the media 195 days after my old drummers birthday. 
Of course 6/13 is the day leaving 201 days in the year. 
The event happened on 6/12 though, but the media made it huge on 6/13. 

The Twins symbolism had a lot to do with the number 261, so I wonder if it will start showing up. 

This Twins narrative is why the MLB wants the regular season to end on the Jesuit anniversary....

This is also why the Yankees were just in the news too. 
Recall, the Yankees and the Twins were the two teams I was talking about in 2017, because they were connected to the Jesuits. The Yankees then defeated the Twins in the Wildcard game 8-4. 
Minnesota Twins=84

Notice too that the other team I pointed out was important was the TIGERS....think about the TIGER symbolism that has been going on...haha it's so awesome. 

Wendy's was founded 50 years ago too. 
Twins=50 and 85
Atlanta, Georgia=85
The Twins last won the World Series in 1991, and they beat the ATLANTA Braves. They played the Tigers 88 days before and it was the 88th world series. 
The Super Bowl was held in Minneapolis 91 days later too. 

Recall, Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis was synced to the Kneeling narrative. 
Colin Kaepernick=88
So on..

The Atlanta Falcons were in the Super Bowl in 2017, which is the year I was noticing all of the Twins symbolism too. 

Ironically, I left the Twins narrative out of the book I'm working on. I mentioned it briefly in regards to the Houston Rockets/Space theme, but I didn't go in depth with it..I remember thinking a while back that I should include it, but I wasn't sure where to place I have to put it there though. 

Don't forget that North Korea was super important to the Jesuits too. This shooting happening on 6/12 is interesting as it's the anniversary of the Trump-Kim Summit. We also had the news a while back about Kim possibly being dead.
I also find it interesting that the founder of Wendy's died on Kim Jong-un's birthday. 
Kim made an appearance on May Day, which was 42 days before 6/12..
World War=42
Kim Jong-un=42

I documented about watching the Twins back in December too, because of Amazon automatically buying the Franz Bardon book....Then Isaiah THOMAS was ejected in January....the Minnesota Twins used to be the Washington Senators...Thomas plays for the Washington Wizards...Thomas is a major reason why I knew China was important to Space/Rockets/Kobe Bryant/South Park...
Thomas means Twins..

I'll look more at this story later tonight, but I want to point out another Bollywood star died too....India is super important to this narrative...Twins/Indians...
Minnesota Twins=195
Houston Texas=195(FB)

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  1. Hi Dan. This is pertaining to June 20th and Trump. This day is American Eagle Day. Do the gematria for american eagle, you will find your 58 and 42 and whatever else you come up with.Thanks for your diligent blogs.