Friday, June 5, 2020

Knights Templar Symbol: The Cross of Lorraine in regards to the death of my aunt Lorraine on 4/22/2020

I was reading about the Knights Templar earlier, and this crossed my path. They took the cross of Lorraine into the Crusades....
I wouldn't doubt if this is somehow related to my aunt Lorraine dying on 4/22/2020.

Lorraine Houston=201
I had synchronicity with her son while she was University of Nebraska medical center. 
University of Nebraska Medical Center=201
This is where they brought the Diamond Princess Coronavirus people..
She was super synced to Kobe Bryant....they suspended the NBA season 201 days after Kobe's bday...which was also 201 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 

My Aunt Lorraine born on 11/3, which is Colin Kaepernick's bday too. 

Cross of Lorraine=187 and 239(FB)
Society of Jesus=187 and 239(FB)

I need to think more about this...I keep falling asleep. 

Knights Templar=201(ALW)

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