Thursday, June 18, 2020

Aunt Jemima will be discontinued after I randomly talked about Aunt Jemima last week

This is crazy....I blogged about going to the bar last Friday on 6/12...well on that night I wanted to do a shot I had never done before and I was looking at the liquors...I noticed a bottle that looked like Mrs. Butterworth, but I called it Aunt Jemima for some reason. A girl at the bar was laughing at the fact I thought it looked like a syrup bottle, but then agreed that it did in fact look like "Mrs. Butterworth", but not Aunt Jemima. 
I had to DJ the next night at a different bar, and the same girl was there. Later in the night she brought up the story of me calling the liquor Aunt Jemima too....I then started thinking how it was probably important in regards to the racism narrative going on...
Now a story about Aunt Jemima being discontinued by Quaker Oats? 

This happened 229 days after the anniversary of Aunt Jemima. 
Alicia Shumate=229, 50(girl at the bar)
The 50th prime is 229. 
Dan Behrendt=50

Aunt Jemima=64
Civil Rights=64
So on..

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  1. You said it perfectly in one of your posts earlier this week:

    "This knowledge is better understood by your memories and hindsight can help you understand the future."