Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bubba Wallace racing for Kyle Petty-Trump uses Tom Petty song at Tulsa Rally-Nascar Race in Las Vegas on Jesuit anniversary

The Bubba Wallace Noose story is now not a hate crime...the rope was there in 2019...
Nascar banned the Confederate flag on 10/6. 
Nascar=106, 43, 56
Black Lives Matter=56
defund NASCAR=56
Civil War=43 and 56
Abe Lincoln died age 56 in 65'. 
Bubba Wallace drives the # 43 Car...

It's interesting too in regards to Wallace driving for Richard Petty....we just had Tom Petty back in the news after Trump used his song at the Tulsa Rally....
Remember, Tom Petty died just before the Vegas attack in 2017....

Kyle Miyata Larson=201
Kyle Larson said the N word 187 days after Bubba Wallace's bday....
"Society of Jesus"=187
Ryan Joseph Newman=201
Would you believe that there is a NASCAR race in Las Vegas on the Jesuit anniversary this year? 
The Vegas attack in 2017 synced to the Jesuits. 

The Jesuit anniversary is 4 months 2 days after George Floyd's death..

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  1. 10.6....16
    BLACK 106....
    June is 6 month.

    A TEENTH is 1/16 oz.
    Aka a dram or
    1.75 grams.


    137.5. Golden Angle

    35 17 BILL. 3517...491st Prime
    53 17 JULIA...

    1/16....1+16...17....Intelligence Community

    1 ODNI + 16 IC Agencies.