Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Cops series canceled-Cops Wendy's shooting in Omaha the same Wendy's I had Twins synchronicity

The first thing I think of when seeing the show "Cops" was canceled is the shooting in Omaha. 
Remember on 8/26/2014 there was a Cops cameraman who got shot and killed during a taping. 
This was exactly 2 years before Colin Kaepernick took a knee....
This is why Kaepernick's workout was announced on Charles Manson's bday's all about Helter Skelter and the Beach Boys using Manson's song on their 20/20 album. 

The guy killed in 2014 was 38 year old Bryce Dion. 
Kerrie Orozco died in the 38th week later. 
Cortez Washington=80(robber)
Omaha, Nebraska=80

Think about this in regards to James Scurlock....

This shooting was at Wendy's on 43rd and Dodge, which is where my total came to $2.61 on the 261st day of the year....on my way to a band gig at "The Down Under Lounge"=261....recall this was all about the TWIN symbolism....George Floyd in the Twin cities and Stephen Jackson called him his Twin..

Minnesota Twins=195
Interesting considering I've documented a ton about this number. 
Plus with all the Jesuit coding....remember how I talked all about the Jesuits that summer and how the Twins and Yankees were important to it. 

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