Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Ron Jeremy charged with Sexual Assault and his 3/12 birthday-MLB is back for 60 games

Ha...I just documented about the number 312 and I go to CNN and see the major story about Ron Jeremy. I look him up and of course he was born on 3/12 and the story comes a span of 3 months 12 days after his bday. 

Ron Jeremy=175(FB)
6/23/20 was the 175th day. 
Pope Francis=175
Sexual Assault=175

I'm sure a guy who has had sex with countless women decided to go on a raping binge...give me a break. 

Notice the story below it is about baseball coming back for 60 games and the season ending on the Jesuit anniversary too. 
Minnesota Twins=60
The same narrative I talked about in 2017. 
60 games means they suspended 102 games too...
Nigger=60, 102

I'm wouldn't doubt if we get a shipwreck/ship story in the mix of this...I'll have to go back and review everything I talked about in 2017...because it's super important right now...Fat comedians/Bridges....Ralphie May dying after the Vegas attack...just things I remember off the top of my head.

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