Monday, June 29, 2020

Couple receives pizza with Swastika on it from Little Caesars

Swastika=59 and 103
Jason Laska=103
We know why 60 and 59 are important to black people. 

Don't forget that Little Caesar's founder supposedly paid for Rosa Parks rent either. 


  1. Little Caesars is the arena name in Detroit Michigan.

    Detroit, Michigan hosting the PGA Tour this week. Detroit the admitted to the union on January 26th, Kobe Bryant's death date.

    The Governor of Michigan, birthday: August 23rd. Kobe Bryant's birthday.

    NASCAR & INDYCar are running their first ever double header, hosted at Indianpolis Motor Speedway on 4th of July weekend. Roger Penske, from MICHIGAN, is the owner of the INDYCAR Series and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    The Indianapolis 500 will be held on August 23rd, Kobe Bryant's birthday.