Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Storm Chasers killed in Pursuit of Tornado-Spur, Texas-Heaven's Gate Suicide-Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton dies and we keep getting stories like this in the media. We had a story of 50 some Tornados in the beginning of March.
March 28th the 87th day of the year. 
Happened at 3:30...

We had this story on 3/26 about the TV power going out in Columbus, Ohio. The screen went black and it was the weatherman talking about a Tornado Warning. I haven't figure it out, but I bet this story will come back up later on in something I'm talking about. Christopher....Tornado...Bill Paxton. 
Paxton connected to the Space/Moon Theme which is interrelated to Flat Earth. 

Storm Chasers=166(reverse)
The date of 28/3 is interesting as well. 
283 is the 61st prime number. 
William Paxton=61 
He died age 61. 
Death of Bill Paxton-Apollo 13 and more

Interesting I just noticed the character he played on Apollo 13. 
Fred Wallace Haise Jr=326(reverse)
I only mention this because I'm still trying to figure out the puzzle in regards to this number. 

This story was just outside of Spur, Texas. I figured I would look into the town. It says the Population is 1,318 and then lists a few notable people. 
Of course the first one Marshall Applewhite shared a bday with Bill Paxton and also died on 3/26. 

He was the leader of Heavens Gate and committed suicide 53 days before his bday. 
Heavens Gate=53
Spur Texas=53
Rancho Santa Fe=53
Marshall Herff Applewhite Jr=126
Died on 3+26+97=126

Of course Heaven's Gate connected to Aliens/Space...Interesting too Spur, Texas is close to Lubbock, Texas which is home to the Lubbock of the first famous UFO sightings. 
They killed themselves because they thought they could reach an alien spacecraft behind Comet Hale-Bopp. 
Hale Bopp=39
39 people committed suicide. 

The people who committed suicide each had a 5 dollar bill and 3 quarters. 
Yet again 53. 

Another notable person from Spur, Texas is Aaron Latham who wrote the film "Urban Cowboy". The character John Travolta plays in the film is said to be from Spur, Texas as well. Think about it...Travolta the Scientologist...both connected to Extra Terrestrials. 

Marshall Applewhite makes me think of Major Applewhite too. Possibly nothing but he is the current coach of Houston Football team. Of course where SB 51 was played and what not. Even Tracy Lawrence the country singer who sings "Texas Tornado" is from Atlanta, Texas. 
3/28 is also 51 days after SB 51. 

Tornado's are also fitting in regards to all of the PI/Backwards Pi connections that have been going on....Tornado's spinning in a circle motion. 
Three One Four=69

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