Thursday, March 23, 2017

Michigan and Purdue both lose on the 82nd day of the year-Life(space film) on Espn's Background

Today is the 82nd day of the year. 
This was a big number in regards to the Michigan and Purdue stuff in regards to the Moon. 
Interesting both Purdue and Michigan lose on the 82nd day. 
Armstrong and Cernan both die age 82.
Apollo 15 left the moon on 8/2.  
At the end of the regular season Michigan beat Purdue 82-70. 
Michigan lost to Louisville in 2013....Louisville had 82 points. 
Eighty Two=132
Michigan lost by 1 and Purdue by 32....132. 
Spike Albrecht born 82 days before the Super Moon on 11/14. 
Kansas Jayhawks=82(KSV)
Oregon Ducks=132 also 69(Ksv)
Oregon scores 69 points. 
Jayhawks=98 notice they scored 98 points. 

You also have to love the AD Espn puts underneath the scores. The Space film called "Life". 

The film came out on 3/18 even and premiering at midnight tonight in the US. 

This is weird. The name of the creature in this movie is Calvin. Just a few hours ago my daughter was playing babies and I had to name my kid. I told her Bartholomew and she said, I said how about Calvin. She agreed and said Calvin was a cool name and we named our baby Calvin. 
I have no idea why I chose those two names, they were just the first  names I thought she would think were Goofy that came to mind. 
Bartholomew=51, 132
Calvin=25, 61

Remember in 2013 Michigan came back and beat Kansas in OT after Trey Burke's 3 pointer too. Possibly that bracket was a clue for Kansas all along.....Eugene, Oregon....Eugene Cernan too. 
Oregon the 33rd State. 
Kansas the 34th State. 
The last states to join the Union before the Civil War. 

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