Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lebron James as "Jerome" on the TV Show Martin for Halloween 2016... 51

As I was thinking about my last post that involved the Moon, it made me wonder what Lebron James was for Halloween this past year. 
Remember last year he was Prince and Kevin Love was Jackie "MOON" from the film Semi-Pro. 
Prince died on the night of a Full Moon age 57. 
Moon=57 and more. 

Anyway I guess Lebron was "Jerome" from the TV Show Martin. 
Jerome is portrayed by Martin Lawrence. 
Martin Lawrence=66
Lebron James=66(red rev)
Martin=42(red rev)....Lebron James=42(rev)

Of Course Martin Lawrence is 51 years old. 
The Cavs just got Cleveland a sports championship for the first time in 51 years. 
Lebron James=51
Quicken Loans=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
WWE=51(Lebron..Undertaker..Ultimate Warrior)

The TV Show Martin aired it's last episode on 5/1..1997

The Premise of the show is based around a fictional radio and later Television station Channel 51. 

Funny the 51st episode of Martin there is a joke about Warren MOON. He says no I'm the other one..Randall Cunningham. 
Randall Cunningham=166 (Just wanted to add to the list of 166)

Actually this is the 52nd episode, they have it listed wrong on Youtube...but it did come out on 5/1..1994. 

In the 51st episode Martin thinks he loves Pam. 

Kyrie Irving was a dancing Red Power Ranger, which is interesting in regards to the new Power Ranger movie coming out on 3/24/17. 
Last year he was a Jedi Knight. 

Kevin Love was Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber this year. 
What's funny is that if you look up the Golden State Warriors and Halloween 2016 almost all of the articles that come up are about the Cavs making fun of the Warriors at Lebron's Halloween Party. 

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