Friday, March 17, 2017

Tosh.0 on Pi day makes fun of Flat Earth and Russianvids

I'm sitting here watching Tosh.0 the newest episode of Tosh.0 and he just so happens to be making fun of the Flat Earth. He shows a RussianVids video in regards to him and the Flat Earth lol. Go figure. 
Notice this episode is # 227 and it came out on PI Day. 
Twenty Two Divided by Seven=314

The main piece to the episode is his interview with a guy who thinks he a Mermaid/Merman. Funny how Daniel Tosh mentions Christopher Columbus wrote about Mermaids but also thought America was India and committed mass genocide. How interesting I keep saying that Christopher Columbus is a big piece to the Flat Earth stuff..
Flat Earth Theory=79(red. reverse)
Irving=79(Washington, Kyrie)
Daniel Dwight Tosh=79
Russianvids=79(red. reverse)

Not sure if this is the original video or not, but he also makes fun of this video. The only place I've found it is on this channel. 
Brandon Weaver=79
Brandon Weaver=74(reverse red)

Flat Earth Theory=74 
Russianvids=74, 155
Christianity=74, 155
And So on...
Season 9 episode 6...


  1. Episode 227 on Pi day... can it get more perfect lol?

  2. RV is a shill for sure. Thanks Dan

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