Wednesday, March 1, 2017

20 tornadoes rip through Midwest-Bill Paxton Twister-Wizard of OZ

I wish I would've mentioned this before, but after Bill Paxton died I had a feeling we would get a tornado story soon. He was a star in the movie "Twister". I was even going to mention Joplin, Missouri. 
Today is 3+1+20+17=41
Bill Paxton turned 41 years old the same day that Twister came out. 
5/17/55 to 5/17/1996. 
Twister-Flipper...seems to go hand in hand. 

Witches Cast Spell on Donald Trump-Wizard of OZ video
Tornadoes also remind me of the Wizard of OZ and this video Zach just put out in regards to witches casting a spell on Donald Trump. Of course the big deal in the movie Twister is all about getting "Dorothy" inside a tornado in order to study it. 
The Wizard of Oz also special to Kansas- I have a series of videos somewhere in regards to the Philadelphia Experiment/Civil War/Gay agenda. 
Somewhere over the Rainbow-the Philadelphia Experiment also called "Project Rainbow"....Kansas the 34th and last state to join the Union before the Civil War..It was 34 days before Abe Lincoln became the president 3/4. 

I'm really interested in this spell as well, considering the next event in the spell will be on March 26th a date I keep saying is somehow connected. Notice the article stops on May 23rd....
2/24 to 5/23 is 88 days. 
2/24 to 6/14(Trump's bday) is 110 days. 
I'll get you my pretty=88
Auntie Em=88
Yellowbrick Brick Road=88(reverse red)
The Wizard of Oz=176
Donald J Trump=176 (reverse)
I also wonder if there's a Fairuza Balk connection. She was Dorothy in her first ever film...Return to Oz. She's also the main mean witch in "The Craft". She's also Edward Norton's girlfriend in American History X which is fitting for Donald Trump and the connection to the "Wizard" of the KKK. 
Dorothy=42....Balk is currently 42 years old. 

There also has to be something with the Death of Gene Wilder. Remember he died listening to Somewhere over the Rainbow...His first film was "Bonnie and Clyde". We just got the Moonlight Oscars thing with Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty...Bonnie and Clyde. 

For some reason I always mix up Jodi Foster with Helen Hunt and Helen Hunt with LeeLee Sobieski(Deep Impact girl). Just documenting this as I think they have similar attributes but might just be me. 

But yeah I'm sure like always there's a lot more to cover, but I really need to sleep. 

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