Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Insane Clown Posse experience I had at the Bar on 3/11/2017

On Saturday 3/11/17 one of my friends who I last saw at my Uncle's funeral called me. He is a brother to Chris Scwhery..aka D'Cypher. I rarely see these guys or hang out with them and he called me in the afternoon to see what was up. I had to work until 10 but when I got off work we went to one of the bars in town. 
Yes a town of 1000 people has 2 bars lol, I guess it used to have 6 when my dad was growing up. 

Anyway one of the bars was absolutely packed when we drove by and we were both like screw that, lets go to the other one. So we go to the Buffalo Club and literally only 1 person is there. Ironically it's another guy we both know because he was friends with Chris Schwery and was at their house all the time when we were younger. We were sitting there and decided we were going to play ICP all night and get hammered. The reason ICP is because the Schwery family have literally been Juggalo's for as long as I remember. Not necessarily Juggalo's I guess, but literally always listened to ICP growing up and still do, and partied a lot listening to them over the years. 
So moral of the story here lol. I didn't really have that much money and I put 2 dollars in the gambling machine hoping I would win so my friend wouldn't have to pay all night. 
When I put 2 dollars in it gave me $2.03 in credits and I noticed the Jackpot was $203. After my first spin I won a small amount and it gave me $3.18. 
Now I knew there was a relationship between these numbers. 
Three Hundred Eighteen=203
I ended up losing those 2 dollars but I kept thinking this can't be a coincidence so I put a 20 dollar bill in. I told them, I'm feeling it because ICP is playing and every other time I go to the bar Country is playing all night. 
Off of that 20 dollars I ended up hitting a Bonus game and ended up cashing out 75 tickets worth a dollar a piece. 

So I was just sitting here a second ago thinking about this weekend and thought I'd look up ICP. 
Insane Clown Posse=203
Haha, just crazy to me. I only kept playing because I knew 318 and 203 were related but I had no idea it was connected to ICP as well. 

It was also 121 days after my birthday. 
Daniel Behrendt=121

Dog Beats=28
Shaggy's real name is Joseph Utsler.
Violent J's real name is Joseph Bruce. 
Violent J=53(V exception)
Shaggy 2 Dope=53
Casey=53 (My friend)
The Buffalo Club=53 (Bar we went to)
Seventy Five=53 (How many tickets I won)

I've also read the book Behind the Paint which is a story of Joe Bruce's supposed life. It's actually a good book and made me laugh whether or not all of the things in the book are true. Basically the whole Wicked Clown thing was an idea he got after brainstorming. Then later he was thinking about it, and got a creepy feeling, saw a dark shadow and then passed out and dreamed about the dark Carnival. Seems pretty weird to me... He says this happened and then the whole point of their gimmick to get fans by being wicked and then telling them they love God at the end. He talks about how he saw a vision of God when he was a little kid as well. Too much to type but check out the book if you have time. 
The Dark Carnival=93

Joker Cards=923(Jewish) also 166(reverse)

I'm sure there's a lot more, but I'm going to bed. 


  1. Ha! Wow. What's up with everyone figuring out more about pi, circles and cycles. On Pi day, my son's birthday lol

  2. Awesome story! You might already know about this, but -- have you seen the show "TOUCH" on Netflix yet? The 1st episode is centered around ** 3:18 ** / 318 ... !!
    Great cast & a terrific premise ... if you haven't seen it, you really ought to check it out. All about Numbers, Patterns & Connections.

    Tell your ICP friends their gimmick sure worked on me -- maybe too good, lol! They always creeped me out so much I totally avoided them. I think "Killer Clowns From Outer Space" got to me first -- & I never could shake the connection my brain wanted to make ... Haha ... ;D