Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Joni Sledge dies age 60-Mary McLeod Bethune-312 some thoughts- We are Family 318

On March 10th one of the Sledge Sister's died. 
Joni Sledge=46, 55
She died in "Phoenix"=46
We are Family=55

The single "We are Family" came out on 3/18. 

I've got a feeling her death is connected to Civil Rights. She died 6 months 4 days (end date) before her bday. 
Civil Rights=64
She died age 60...
We are Family reminds me a lot of coming together and what not is why I think this. 

Sister Sledge also performed for Pope Francis on 9/26/15 when he was in Philadelphia. Joni was 59 years old at the time. 
Slave=59=Negro and so on.
I learned a new one just sitting here..."Darky"=59 
Pope Francis=59

CNN also didn't report her death until 3/12 although she died on 3/10. 
3/12 the 71st day. 
African American=71

They were given vocal training by their grandmother who was a protege of Civil Rights leader Mary McLeod Bethune. 

She died 312 days after her bday. 

Mary McLeod Bethune=76
Makes more sense why Philadelphia's NBA team is the 76ers too. 

Just throwing some ideas out here but Sledge instantly makes me think of Sledge Hammer. 
Thor has the sledge hammer. 
I haven't made the post yet, but some more Gabriel stuff has been in my life. It involves Gabriel Iglesias the comedian. Anyway I looked up more Gabriel stuff and Peter Gabriel has the song called "Sledge Hammer". 
Of Course it reminds us of MC Hammer too. 
A Sledge is also the same as a Sled which in turn makes me think of Vanilla ICE. 
There's also a wrestler named Al Poling who was named Sledgehammer. Interesting with Wrestlemania 33 coming up on 4/2. 

He even turned 22 years old the day "We Are Family" Album was released on the 22nd day in 1979. 
The 22nd prime is 79. 
Mary McLeod Bethune died age 79. 
Who knows, just some things that might be in play in the next year. 

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